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NWA Main Event Results


2003 Archive

NWA Main Event Results

by Chris Shivan


        Here we go NWA Main Event Fans. This is Chris Shivan carrying you through all the events of the Oct. 19th show. So with out further delay, let's do this.

       Our first match saw Superfly P and Loco Lewie take on Sniper(not Viper as I said last week)and "The Legend" Tony Falk. Seems the Screaming Demon wanted no part of being Sniper's tag partner this week. P hit a sweet spot when he whipped Sniper in the corner and came in behind him with a spinning kick and rolled over Sniper and the top rope to the outside. Lewie got worked over by Falk and Sniper until a missed 2nd rope elbow by Sniper. Lewie tags in Superfly and it's malay time! P hits Sniper with a P-Factor (X-Factor) to score the pin at 8:03.
        It wasn't over yet as Dante and Cannibal Lector hit the ring with a chair and take out Lewie First. Then they focus their attention on P bashing his back and ribs REPEATEDLY with the chair to the point that the chair itself broke from the repeated impacts. Sudden Impact came out and made the the save but the damage was done.

       Practices hit the ring and grabbed the mic. His "Quiet Please" sign again didn't work as the what chants drowned out everything he was saying. Rex Sexton hit the ring and the match was on. Rex had an early advantage until a drop toe hold by Practices turned things in his favor. He continued to work over Rex's leg. (Ah classic Wrestling. Pick a body part and work it. Thank you Double A) Sexton, however, gets a second wind and makes a comeback. He is able to finish Practices off with a pumphandle into a back breaker for the win at 4:43. (Since I got a bad habit of naming finishers, how about this one being called the Sext-appeal?)


       Tag action up next as Hammerjack and Thunderbolt took on Robbie Ruffin and JT Quest with the ever lovely Amy in their corner. Ruffin and Bolt start out and Robbie Hip Tosses him around like a rag doll. We're talking like 4 straight here, Robbie is a Hip tossing Machine! He makes a tag to JT who drop kicks Bolt to the outside. Thunderbolt and Hammerjack discuss thing for a minute and are able to take a measure of control. They get Ruffin in a bad spot and are able to beat him down. Nice spot here folks, as they pull Ruffin out of the corner the hard way. Robbie was laying in the corner and they pulled him by his legs out. He was in the air ABOVE the top rope before he came crashing back down. OUCH! It only took one mistake and Robbie was able to get the Hot Tag to JT and pick up the win in 11:34.

     Jeff Daniels hit the ring and went right after Ruffin, locking him in a Simba armbar. The dust cleared finally from this, but Hammerjack wasn't done. He called Thunderbolt back to the ring. Appears he was upset about losing the match and blamed it on Bolt. Bolt tried to apologize and it seemed accepted, but as he went to shake hands with Hammerjack, he got decked. JEEZE! Hadn't Thunderbolt heard "Don't turn your back on Hammerjack"?


      The grudge tag match of Sudden Impact against Falk and Dante was next up. Alot to call here folks. I'll apologize ahead of time if I leave out something. Alot of work on the arms of all 4 competitors early. Funny spot as Falk on the outside was heckling the fans as Dante was getting the ref distracted and bringing Chris over for Falk to work his arm. Chris was able to switch things up and Falk, without looking behind him,  actually was wringing Dante's arm. Sudden Impact then decide if they can do it we can too. They go to work on the arm using fake tags behind the Ref's back. Dante is able to turn things back around and lock a figure 4 close to his corner to get outside help from Falk. It was reversed and Dante made the quick tag to Falk. It's malay time! All 4 men hit the ring. Falk and Dante worked over in opposite corners, but reverse the whip together Sudden Impact do a doe-si-do and knock them both down. Lector gets involved and a brass knuck shot and 3 count later it's over. They continue the beatdown of Sudden Impact. Superfly P comes out for the save, but is also taken care of with a few shots to his ribs. Rex Sexton then hits the ring and gets Lector in a Bearhug that leaves him in a heap. Dante comes in to save him but he recieves the same from Sexton. This leads to a 6-man challenge from Sudden Impact to Falk/Dante/Lector for next week. Commissioner Gordon picks up the Bat phone, and the match gets booked! Holy 6-man action next week, Batman!


     K9 Kohl comes out and brings with him Brian Lee. "Prime Time" is back! Out comes his fodder. Oops Stylin' Shane Eden. Who wanted nothing to do with facing Lee. Brian got him to do a test of strength which Eden lost quickly. Eden was able to get a drop toe hold and stun Brian, but instead of staying on Lee he went after K9. Prime Time recovered and a chokeslam later this was over.


     Aussie Ashley Hudson came out to face John Noble. This one went everywhere with Hudson slamming Noble into the wall and ringpost. Hudson got the cheap win with his feet on the ropes. Noble wasn't happy with the loss and attacked the Aussie afterwards but got a sick chair shot for his troubles.


     Next up was the Inferno match K9 brought out Forsaken who did his usual stance in the ring. Kid used it to his advantage, rushing to the ring and attacking him right off. K9 and Forsaken seemed to be having communication problems tho during the match and Chaos was able to take advantage of each chance he got. Forsaken was able to finally lay out Kid with a kendo stick shot though. K9 then came in with the lighter and fluid expecting to help set Chaos on fire. Forsaken then nailed K9 with the kendo and set K9's legs on fire. The Ref had no choice but to call the the match at this point ruling it a no contest. Brian Lee hit the ring and attacked Forsaken. Kid got up and grabbed Brian by the arm only to get clotheslined for his efforts. Chaos then got the mic and demanded a 3-way match between Him, Forsaken, and Brian Lee. Using the power of the spotlight, Commissioner Gordon gets that matched booked as well.


     Next we move on to the main event where Disturbing Behaviour get their shot at America's Most Wanted. Big change before the match tho as Storm hits the ring without Harris? What's going on? Mike Porter gets on the mic and tries to explain. It seems that Harris was last seen leaving another show where he was booked as the first match and had not been seen or heard from since. Immedately, Jeff Daniels goes ok so we get a 2 on one or he has to forfeit or what? Porter then explains that Storm will be defending the belts but that he has also found a partner for Storm. The partner is Robbie Ruffin!  We get a barnburner of a match here folks, but in the end Storm and Ruffin are able to overcome and pick up the win in 12:31. You had to be there to see this one as I honestly couldn't keep up with the action. DB tried every cheap tactic they could to win. Chair shots, double teams the works. It led to a Fan lumberjack rematch for next week .


Hope you enjoyed the report. I'll keep them coming as long as you do. Also I'd like to invite all comments to be sent to  chrisshivan@yahoo.com  Shameless plugs this week go to www.totalnonstop.com that is probably the best fan site for TNA. www.lonewolfwrestling.com if it concerns wrestling in the Tennessee area you'll find it here. And finally www.nwatnazone.com which is a new site that should be up in the coming weeks.

More to be added soon......