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Credo?? 12-29-01


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Why so clean?  Why so innocent?  Never claimed to be Barbara Walters.

*Note: I'm shooting from the hip on this article. Many know that I try to make the column more interesting and fun, while trying to relay my message, but this time, it's no holds barred. - Lekisha*

While getting ready for the holidays and the end of the year, one goes through one's mind to concoct the best and the worse points of their entire year. The plumbing goes out or the gold medal for best prize literature comes home, these types of moments are good for reflection. This type of reflection only occurs during the upcoming New Year's celebration. Everyone will go through their respective minds to work over the past events and the ones yet to come. This idea especially goes over minds of wrestling fans. Will the split occur in January as predicted and what will be the catalyst or will Vince McMahon loose the idea and decide to dump it for a wrestling channel?

All of the wrestling fans, readers, analyzers, and writers have had a difficult year of being subjected to the loss of two major federations, the subsequent formation of one "super-federation", and the merger to end all mergers. All parties involved have had one tremendous pill to intake for this change. With the acquisition of World Championship Wrestling by World Wrestling Federation Entertainment, this sort of transaction happens only in the "real" business world, and never thought of in the wrestling/sports entertainment world. Many believed that the two main factions would stay separate, but never equal, for a few more years; however, this business deal turned into one gigantic nightmare. No more bargaining chips at the table over contracts, which lead to subsequent departures of superstars, as well as the lack of different programming, which lead to viewer drop due to boredom.

I seriously suspect that this will soon change with the split. Everyone realizes that the WWF and whatever the new federation will be called, will still be under the WWFE umbrella. Are we to continue with the same product and try to be fooled by the different label? I think not. The audiences know what they like and can usually spot the imposter. However, if Vince does manage to pull this idea off, by all means, have one of your buddies give you a pat on the back, sir, because the biggest ramrod of all time has been stuffed into our backs. Even though I have preached and preached on diversity for the entertainment that comes across our television every Monday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday, if the quality does improve, the quantity of shows produced will not matter.

Everyone has heard these lines, but as for some of the storylines and plot-twists, bring on some interesting ones. However, make the Internet and the hardcopy writers' work for their stories. The more interesting and the more complex the better because it makes our jobs more interesting and more fun.

As for favorite match of the year, the e-mail that was sent in through various e-mail came up with the favorite match as Rock vs. Austin as WrestleMania.

With those polls being finished and tallied up for the week, it is time for my next question of the week. Question is the following: What was your favorite moment of this year's "Belle of the Brawl" column? What would you like to see more of in this column? If there are any suggestions that would like to be made, make them now. E-mail them to me at belleofthebrawl@yahoo.com.

Usually I try to do these types of questions to the readers every six months. This shows what kind of job that I am doing. This helps me to figure out where to take the next step. Fair warning to those who have it in their mind to push my wrong buttons with vulgarity, be prepared to get a fairly fun letter. I try to keep this column clean for all ages, as well as my letters to readers. This statement is due to a concept that I was taught when I began writing a few years ago. "Always keep it clean and proper. If you have to be rude or vulgar, be nice about it and when you do blow up, blow up big and get it over with. Remember the seven year olds that are reading." Thank you to Mrs. Curtis for that bit of advice. That is my credo. And it seems as though it has spread through the web site beautifully and thank you to everyone for joining in.

As for this week, I'm going to go rest up for the New Year's party that will more than likely blast out the past couple problems on the home front.

Until next year, stay safe and enjoy life. Happy New Year, for those who celebrate it and thanks again.