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Changes in the making 7-5-02


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Where to Start?

How will this week progress and how to start? But first, there is some unfinished business to attend to.

A few weeks back, the question of the week asked for predictions, and to tell the truth, there were only five votes for Brock, all the rest went for RVD, which granted as I, however, it looks like Vince is going the blonde route again. So, Rob, if you want the title next year, one word of advice, go blonde, babe. Nothing personal to blondes, but if looking back through the years, Vince has been more towards blondes than usual. Hogan, Michaels, Stone Cold, the list goes on and on. Okay...back to normal.

First off, congrats to Hogan and Edge on winning the tag belts. Its good to see gold on both of these individuals, especially Edge. After coming back from his shoulder injury, not only has Edge bulked up like crazy, his levels of intensity and his levels of power have increased. Good set up for Edge over the next year. As for Hogan, talk about a blast from the past, when was the last time he had tag gold? Hard to recall, but maybe the answer is never.

Back to business

As of late, RAW has focused a tad bit of spotlight on Golddust and Booker T. Good combination. Booker is an interesting choice for a straight man in this comedy team, but Golddust is the more interesting choice. Dustin, bless your soul, but hes got me rolling in the floors at times. Good impressions and good comedy choice, two thumbs up.

Onto Taker, he showed a lot of class when he went into the ring and raised Jeff Hardys hand on Monday night. Jeff, the stripes are in the mail, youve earned them, pal, that level has been crossed and welcome to a touch of main event status. Lets hope that the position will stay.

Onto John Cena, talk about one big transition. From being a "Manhunt"-ing jerk to an up-and-coming superstar, talk about an interesting few months. Although, it must be said, Chris Jericho took on hell of a shot on SmackDown, talk about knocking the taste out of a persons mouth. Chris, you might want to go pick your jaw up in Boston, they said you left it in Vinces office. Cena has an incredible physique and is quickly becoming a future superstar, especially with the match on SmackDown.

Speaking of CJ, like everyone in the world, the column from his site, chrisjericho.com, found its way to the email box. Chris had a right to blast into the Net writers. After reading opinions of several writers, Chris just decided to go haywire, so to speak. Figuring that he does read the "news" and "opinions" of several different writers and seeing a decline in his star count, it set him off. Now this column attempts to stay positive, however, that is not always the case. Chris, the best thing to do is to go out and perform your socks off. The old cliché of not being able to please all the people all the time is true in this case. Listen to your true fans. They will be behind you.

Prayers and hopes for a speedy recovery go out to Bret Hart. Good luck on the recovery and hope to see you back in form soon.

Question of the week time. This question concerns the next superstar for the WWE. Whom would you like to see on top of the ladder, so to speak and why? The best answers will make it into the next column. Email your answers to me at belleofthebrawl@yahoo.com

As for this week, its going to be short. Long weekend ahead for this writer with my birthday coming up on Sunday. The best gift you could give me, besides money of course is to check out my website at http://belleofthebrawl.tripod.com and leave me a message on my message boards or sign the guestbook. Its being updated daily and there will be new information and pictures as soon as possible. Check out the archive site, which is still under construction, the interview section, wall of fame (photo pages) and the links to all my favorite sites, well not all, but you get the picture.

As for this week, Im NWA Main Event bound (www.nwamainevent.com) and vacation bound (WOOOHOOOO!!!!! FLORIDA!!!) Have a great week and hope to see all of your answers soon.