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The Next Big Thing? 8-24-02


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Is the "Next Big Thing" really worth all this effort?
Lekisha F. Oliver


Brock Lesner. Many have said, including about half a dozen people online, have called this 6 foot 4 inch, 295 pound "The Next Big Thing". But will he run with the ball, so to speak, or completely crash and burn?

Lesner, who already became a NJCAA Champion in 98 and the Big 10 Champion two times over, has been placed on a pedestal for his "undefeated" record in the WWE. After signing up in 2000, Lesner, in many ways, is still green behind the ears. He did train through Ohio Valley and tore up the entire roster from OVW. But joining the major league of wrestling, Brock still had to find his place in the game, and not Triple H. He had to be helped along. Lesners help, Paul Heyman.

Yes, he may have a hell of a Mic man with Heyman in his corner, but has Brock toned his Mic skills enough to go on his own? Like many champions in the past, Lesner has his manager to start him off. Bret Hart had Jimmy Hart at his side, Shawn Micheals had Sherri Martel, and the Undertaker had Paul Bearer, just to name drop a few. These men became legends in their own time. However, all of these individuals did not have the "undefeated" card to play.

This game was played with Goldberg, however as Bobby Hennan has said, the one thing that the WCW did wrong was to pull the plug on the undefeated streak. Right now the WWE has the power to hold that streak for as long as possible. If this streak could last longer than a few weeks, it could be worth it. But if this does not continue, is Rock the right person to break it?

Rock has been the Heavyweight Champion seven times, as the SummerSlam promo is stating, as well as many other titles, but Lesner has none. This will make a wrestler hungry for more. But the Undisputed Gold first? Even thought the IC belt has a race for its prestigious honor, but a rookie with the gold? Its happened before, but Angle had the a few more titles under his belt besides King of the Ring. Will this be the beginning of a new generation, the next big thing bringing in the next generation of superstars that will transport us farther into the new millennium. Time will tell.


Onto other points of interest.

Earlier in the article, Bobby Hennan was mentioned. It is true, Hennan will finally grace the pages of this column with a very candid interview for his upcoming book, "Bobby the Brain: Wrestlings Bad Boy Tells It All". Spoilers for this interview will not be spilling out, but its safe to say that that interview is one of highlights of this writers short career. Bobbys book came out on August 20, 2002. He asked to pass along that the readers check out the book and his book tour happening across the nation right now. So, go check out this very interesting and comical read. Bobby tells of stories about the road and jokes, personally, this interview cracked me up so much that I literally laughed until I cried. Be looking for it in the upcoming weeks.


Sean Waltman has been a point to several writers as of late. Wrestlings 1-2-3 Kid or X-Pac or Sixx has been through a lot over the last few years. Not only has he been through neck problems and personal problems, he has went through several different stints in the WWE where he felt unappreciated. With him now out of a job, whats next for Sean? The NWA-TNA maybe? The X-Division is tailor-made for men of his caliber, however, with his neck injuries, a stint of recuperation would be the best. Best of luck to you Sean.

Speaking of NWA: Total Nonstop Action, more news coming from that faction. News that Ed Ferrara has left the Nashville, Tennessee, based group, along with rumors that other superstars have been let go due to monetary problems. However, the X-Division, as mentioned before, has put out some absolutely fabulous matches. The SAT, Spanish Announce Team and the Flyin Elviss have been putting on incredible matches, as well as Ron "The Truth" Killings (ex-K-Kwick). Killingss promos are not only progressing beautifully, hes putting on strong matches. As Jeremy Borash as stated, match of the year quality on several of the shows. If these pay-per-views are available in your cable area, definitely check them out, or better yet, come and see them in person. The Fairgrounds in Nashville isnt that hard to find, if I, in my infinite getting lost capabilities can find them, so can you. Come on up.

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