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September 11th.....One Year Later
Lekisha F. Oliver

One year ago, the fate of the United States was changed from that of a police-like group to a group of people coming together to make a family. However, this is not the case as such now.

In this column, wrestling has been discussed and made an appoint to send out a new light on the world of sports entertainment. However, if it were not for the First Amendment, the freedom of speech to say and give opinions, had been threatened last year. However, the ways of the world have changed.

At the end of the month last year, there was a burst of American patriotism; however, even now this is being challenged. With "Under God" wanted to be taken out of the pledge of allegiance, how much have the United States really learned? How much have we suffered?

Compared to half the countries in the rest of the world, we have suffered very little. With the Middle East in an uproar, the rest of the world having problems with famine, drought, flooding, and the world looking like Revelations, the whole world will still be looking towards a way to look past it. Especially the people here in the United States.

Anything to keep our minds away from the harsh reality of truth that will be staring at the eyes of the United States, we are not the only ones with problems. Yes, this country is in a recession, some even dare say a mild Depression, but the reality is that the American people attempt to look away from the situation. As much as it pains this writer, the world looks toward wrestling/sports entertainment as a crutch, much like football and the attempt at the baseball strike at the end of last month. Entertainment does prosper when all others are failing.

Vince McMahon knows that this is true, when everything is down, entertainment is up. Look at the angles he has put across to the viewers of his product, he has been pressing more towards the programming he has seen before. Hes doing as he has always done, standing on the shoulders of the creators and making the product his own brand. The whole HLA and Billy and Chuck angle has looked more towards something off of HBO or ShowTime. That little angle will be presented later on in the week.

This attempt to try and keep his businesss head above water in the first anniversary of the "September 11th" tragedy, keep in mind that the world is much like wrestling. There are good times and bad times. There are heroes and villains, stereotypes and originals, love and hate, all of which make the world go around that ball in the sky we call the Sun.

However, this column will end short this time. Listen to the songs of remembrance, call a loved one and say hi, or just walk outside and remember what childhood, what freedom and what a price it takes to have these luxuries. Remember all those you love during this first "Patriots Day" here in the United States, other nations look towards the ones you love and hold them tight.