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Sex, Wrestling and Charity (Added 10-29-02)


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Sex, Wrestling, and Charity

Returning Scott Steiner, messed up writers with sex and death on their minds running around RAW, NWATNA running auctions and a lot more.

I swear, the WWE would not let me work for a month or two without making me go completely off on them. Who in Gods name would allow such actions like last Mondays RAW go across the airwaves? Oh yeah, Kevin Dunn.

However, as I am writing this, they are not finished with this sick, twisted mind game. Now I have always tried to look on the bright side of everything, however, the only ray of light I see on this angle is its completion. Not only did the WWE not put the video and the photo archives up from my home territory of Nashville, but it decides to put that kind of disturbing visions in the bible belt. Im surprised that the PTC hasnt gone nuts over this. I put a blindfold on for some things, however, I thought it was time I took off the blindfold on wrestling. I have always tried to look at the sports entertainment business with a positive note and a blindfold to things less tasteful. However, this time, it is not the case.

After receiving a call from my wrestling guru last Monday night, I thought the entire writing crew had a bad 4:20. Could a bad minute change the course of WWE television? It has before. Look at some of the things that have happened in the past. DX being formed and the Montreal screw-job are a couple off the top of my head. Both of these incidents have changed the course of wrestling history. DX gave the WWE or WWF at the time, the opportunity to evolve the company with the times. However, since when did necrophilia become a way of life? If that is the way the company is going to evolve, we need to devolve back to something a little more pure, like real wrestling.

Now that the WWE have finally brought in Scott Steiner, what are they going to do with him? Hopefully he wont have to be sent to the Indy leagues. Hes been doing those ever since WCW went WWE. He is ready. As Billy Kidman said, "As long as his body holds up, I think hell be good for the company." However, in past Ross Reports, JR has said that Scott has passed all the physicals for the company and is ready to go. Many are speculating that Steiner will be RAW bound. I have to agree with these reports. RAW needs the ratings right now. Scott may put a few butts back in the seats for the show, but its only a temp fix. Another question, will Midajah join him? I have not heard whether or not she will return with Scott, but they are usually a packaged pair. It will be good to see her back on TV. Shes a lovely person that has to looks to go, but will she do as the other ladies have done and evolved to workers?

Speaking of work, there have been a few reasons why this column have slacked, Im working on a few new projects away from the computer, namely Im hard print bound. This writer has now moved to newspaper level, as well as taking on a few new websites. These are in the works and I dont want to jinx them. Im now working with the Columbia Daily Herald in Columbia, Tennessee, doing, as you may have guessed, wrestling journalism. To check out the reports, check www.columbiadailyherald.com. The reports are usually on Thursdays, just in time for SmackDown and Tough Enough.

Speaking of Tough Enough, I have to admit I love it so far. "The General" personality has came out of Bill DeMott. I love to see the passion he has for the business. Some are saying hes the "Slavedriver" for this season, youre right. Hes got the heart to show these kids that wrestling and getting to the WWE is not only a privilege, it is a blessed honor. Congrats to Bill and hope to talk with you soon.

As some may have noticed, Im working more with the independent scene, especially the NWA organizations, including TNA. Over the weekend, there have been a few changes in the board of directors. The new changes are as follows: NWA President Richard Arpin, NWA Vice-President/Treasurer Fredric G. Rubenstein, and NWA Secretary Dave Republic. For more information on these changes, check out www.nwa-wrestling.com. There are about four new directors and one of them being NWA Hammerlocks Andre Baker. Congrats to Dre.

Speaking of NWA, NWA TNA has been doing an auction for charity. The money is going to the Faison School of Autism, the Breast Cancer Awareness Fund and the Sniper Victims Charity for those families effected by the recent sniper attacks. These guys are auctioning off time with their stars, like a fishing trip with the NWA World Tag Champs; person possessions, like Sean Waltmans retired WWE Light heavyweight Title; or a chance to be part of the team for one pay-per-view, like a ring announcer. For more information, check out www.nwatna.com

Question of the week timeThe major talk around the wrestling world is who to start Scott Steiner with when he returns, whom do you think he should feud with? Email your answers to lekisha@wrestling-online.com

I think I have covered a lot of stuff in this article. If there are any comments, questions or general wanting to chit-chat, email me at lekisha@wrestling-online.com or check out the website at http://belleofthebrawl.tripod.com

As always stay safe and have a great week.