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How Much Do We REALLY Know??? (11-26-02)


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Do we really know....
Lekisha F. Oliver

Some wrestlers claim that wrestling journalists just know the outside of the game. Journalists just know the lingo, how to critique the work and claim that they know how to walk the walk and talk the talk.

Well, they were right.

This was a theory given to me when first started writing. "Write the business, not the inside of the business," an inside friend once told me. "This will get you far, but unless you get into the ring, the full know how of the business will never be with you."

Every person who walks out to that ring, every wrestler, every valet, every manager, every referee and every official all know that they have never seen a match like the one they are facing on that night. Yes, it may be another town, another ring and another opponent, but the wrestling journalist and critics never fully know the business until they tie up those boots or put on the costume or take on the responsibility of a company on their shoulders.

We get to sit out in our chairs with our notebooks and our cameras and watch it from a fans point of view with a knowledge that some fans do not possess.

I have found this out first hand.

Over the past few weeks, an opportunity of a lifetime was asked of me. Two local federations, Volunteer Championship Wrestling and Columbia Wrestling Association have allowed this writer a glimpse into the world of wrestling. First being asked for a guest referee position two weeks ago, led to a valet tryout before the main event.

Not to sound too off track, but a dream of mine has always wanted to see what a valet goes through each and every night, as well as a referee. Coming from a line of actors and storytellers, I thought that even thought it would be tough, I could wing it. Boy was I wrong.

Well lo and behold, I get the chance on a guest shot. I walk out dressed in dress pants, stacked heels and a blue sweater thinking that I would not have to get messed up. I would continue in those heels through the entire night, and into the main event, a different type of battle royal. After that night, I did not figure that the night of work would bear fruit, *Bell Ringing from Florida* The crop was plentiful.

I have been given a shot to see if I can make it in the wrestling world as a valet.

I drive up to Columbia, for me which is an hour and a half drive, to the building where I was on time and packed and ready to go.

I felt that I did not know what I was getting into. The heel group that I have joined, the Confederates, is mega-heels in the Columbia group. A roaring crowd waited in suspense, as their "First Lady of the Confederacy" was to walk through the curtain, however a sweet reception was the last received when walking through the crowd. And trust me, the chair flinging scared everyone. But this part of the experience I had witnessed before, many times before.

So if all writers think that we know it all, Im here to tell you, we dont know everything, but we are on our way to learning. And to all the writers, we are still learning and even Vince McMahon doesnt know all of the business.

Over the past few weeks, there have been a few developments. Not only have the NWA TNA become a target in my interview prowess, they have been started upon. The first one in line is the just recently de-belted champion, Ron "The Truth" Killings. His interview has been conducted and is very truthful and insightful. They dont call him "The Truth" for nothing. Next up is one-half of the former NWA Tag Team Champions, James Storm. His interview will be conducted after a benefit show in Columbia, Tennessee, which I will get to momentarily.

I would like to thank all the people who wrote in about Big Poppa Pump in the last question of the week. An incredible percentage wanted him to work with Brock, however, the majority of the answers were with Booker T. This answer was the one that was most obvious. With the history between these two individuals, it would be a perfect way to finish what was started at the end of WCW. Thank you to all who wrote in. Continue to write in.

Next up, the benefit show. In the next couple days, a benefit will be held on Sunday afternoon, December 1st. This show is for a longtime wrestling fan, LaVonda Bell. LaVonda Bells home burned down after a NWA TNA show several weeks ago. The fire caused the home to be a total loss. The lineup is still being made, even at the 11th hour, due to many workers generously donating their time, including this writer, to help out as much as possible. The benefit will be held at Freddies Sportatorium in Columbia, Tennessee. For more information, feel free to email or check out the website at www.nwatnazone.com

As for this week, send in questions for one-half of the Americas Most Wanted, James Storm. Send questions to belleofthebrawl@yahoo.com

Also, if in the Southern Middle Tennessee area, check out LaVondas show on Sunday or come and watch this writer at CWA at Grand Slam on Thanksgiving and Saturday nights and at the New National Guard Armory in Lawrenceburg, Tennessee on Friday night. For more information, email me at the address above.

As always, stay safe and check out the websites (http://belleofthebrawl.tripod.com) or check out the column in the Columbia Daily Herald on Thursdays (www.columbiadailyherald.com)