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The Past vs. The Future? 2-24-02


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Hogan vs. Rock:  Match of the Century?

Last weekends No Way Out was about as messed up as expected.  Not only did the pay-per-view get ordered, the matches were as expected before WrestleMania, transitional matches.  February has turned into pre-Mania matchup, all set-ups for the matches to come in the following month.
Not only were most of the matches expected to draw major attention, there was also the New World Order presence.  Everyone who was watching Heat before the pay-per-view knew they would be walking through that curtain as soon as the cameras started rolling.  The nWo's showing proved, that not only will the split of the company be imminent but will be explosive.  The only thing that comes to mind is how are the WWF
going to do the split?
Could it be through the New World Order only or could there be other factors to this split?  How is it to be carried out and whose shoulders will bear the weight of this burden?  So far, Hogan, Hall, and Nash are in some way working WrestleMania.  Hogan and Rock, which I will get to soon; Hall going with Austin in a classic Vince vs. Austin setup; and Nash will be there just in case.  Unless something else comes along in the next three weeks, Nash will be sidelining the Mania; however, stranger things have happened. 
This writers point about the whole spray painting of Austin and Rock seemed symbolic.  Not only did Hogan, Hall and Nash spray the main two of the WWF; they finally got to knock down the two individuals who knocked them off their pedestal.  Payback can be good a few years later, especially served up with a lot
of crow.  This silver platter meal was something been waited on for a long time and there hasnt been a bigger smile seen for miles.
Now onto the subject that the entire blasted world has been talking about: Hogan and Rock.  Truthfully, there has been skepticism coming out of this match, at
least on this end.  Not only will this be what everyone is calling The Past vs. The Future, but this is the battle of Vince McMahons moneymaking, movie stars. His creations will finally battle to see who is the dominant force in sports entertainment. 
However, there is a definite disadvantage in Hogans corner, his age.  During Hogans prime, I would have gladly put money on this match, especially on Hogan.
However, Hogans age and physical strain have caught up with him.  Never have I seen a brace on Hogans knee until the pay-per-view.  This will definitely be the match to watch, cause even though Hogan has his trump cards to play, Rock still has his youth and his health.  These factors will be on Rocks side, especially with the three-week vacation he is getting after the attack on the ambulance.  However this match will finish, there will finally be a solid, new future for wrestling.
As for last weeks question of the week, the response was incredible.  I want to thank everyone who wrote in for the answers.  I hope I got back with everyone.  But thank you for writing in.  Also, I have spoken with Swamee and he was very appreciative to everyone who wrote him.  Hes been wanting to know what the readers thought of him.  So this is your chance to let him know.  Email him at the_swamee_1979@yahoo.com
But for this weeks question of the week, the Hogan and Rock match is a lot of peoples dream match.  If you were booking your dream match what would it be and how would you finish it?  Email me at belleofthebrawl@yahoo.com
I would like to take a moment to send my condolences out to the families of Bud Adams, Bad Boy Basil Bozinis, and Swede Hanson.  All of these families have lost a gem in their family tree.  God Bless you all.  Also, a personal note, I would like to dedicate this column to a dear friend who is going through some serious medical problems.  Papa, this one is for you.  Love you.
As for this week, stay safe.