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Indy Interviews?? 06-15-02
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New news!!

Interviews, interviews and more interviews. That's all this writer has been doing over the past couple of weeks. Not only have there not been any soapbox jumping on the WWE, the public was Belle of the Brawl-less. Admitting that enjoying the interviews is nothing close to an absolute truth, talking with these individuals is what makes this business a little clearer.

There have been many people who have asked why do interviews? Why? It's interesting, it's fun and it's down right informative. Many wrestlers read this column, thank god, and make point to read it when the interview series comes up every couple of weeks. The independent wrestlers that have been interviewed, their work with this column has been incredible. The waiting and the waiting and the waiting paid off in a big way. Not only do these individuals get some serious spotlight time they get personal satisfaction.

One of the guys that will soon be interviewed made a comment that made sense the other night. He told me that the interviews show off part of our personalities that most do not get to see. For example, the flirtatiousness of many of the individuals and the fun of their personalities only gets seen when they are in the ring, but outside the ring, many of these people are quiet, laid back, intelligent, and serious. These people take on a new level of intensity that many do not comprehend. This column salutes that personality that is unseen. The unseen hero so to speak. I will continue these interviews with an upcoming one with Jeff Rocker. This interview is very informative into his part of the business.

Onto the WWE...alright, this name change kinda blows, but when ya follow orders from a panda bear, ya gotta. Personally, the way this was handled was fairly swift and to the point. Kudos to the marketing crew for the way this was handled.

Several weeks ago, one of the most handsome of informants in this pool, called about Shawn Michaels returning. Admitting that this was a surprise is false. Putting as much time and effort into the "shoot" interview on Confidential should have been a HUGE red flag. Congrats to Shawn for being back. His turnaround has been nothing short of a miracle. Shawn has gone from the sexy, DX mouthing heartthrob to a family-oriented, sexy as hell man. No matter what anyone says, he's still hot, and guys don't ask why, but him being clean and sober makes him all the more attractive. Many guys have asked why women like him so much, well it could be the voice or the hair or just because he looks hella good in a pair of Wranglers, but that's just an opinion.

Ahem..moving on..

Steve Austin and his walking out gig. As of writing this column, he is off the active roster. Well, Steve, honey, let's look this over. You've walked out once before and got your tail in some SERIOUS hot water. Money isn't a problem, but what about Debra's career? Can we say walking down the King's path? This has happened before. Debra make sure that the both of you are ready to either walk out and stay out or pay the piper, come back and take your medicine. Steve did not want to job to Brock, well, Brock needs his push and someone once laid down for you to go up, follow the courtesy. It's not like popularity will go down, but as long as the "WHAT??" chant goes away, fine by me. Also, as one of my fellow colleagues stated, what about Eddy?

She stated and I quote, " He let [Eddy] down. [Eddy] had to lose the [King of the Ring] match again for storyline reason to feud with Austin." (Thanks Patty, I couldn't have said it better.) You messed up and took down more than just yourself and Debra. That seems a little selfish to me. Steve requested Eddy, so now he's up the proverbial creek without a paddle. Best of luck to Eddy and hopefully you'll be on top as you deserve to be.

Speaking of King of the Ring, it's right around the corner. This is one of the more favored minor pay-per-views. Bragging rights for a full year. Look where Edge has went in a year, coming close to main event status. Between the combatants there is a lot of experience and ring time. X-Pac, Booker T, Chris Jericho, Big Valbowski, Brock Lesner, Rob Van Dam, Test and Hardcore Holly are all in the final eight. Who will win? Well, that is for another issue, but Im leaning towards Chris Jericho. Good luck to all.

As for this column, the question of the week is whom between the above eight would you like to see as the King of the Ring and why? Send your answers to lekisha@wrestling-online.com

Also, check my website at http://belleofthebrawl.tripod.com for previous articles and information on interviews, as well as a wall of fame or two, and updates from the various independent wrestling organizations I am affilited with, namely the NWA.

I would like to send out my prayers to my friend Knightmare and his family. God Bless you all.

Until next time, stay safe and have a Happy Fathers Day to all dads and especially to my pop who got me hooked on this sport. Love ya Daddy!