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Difference of Opinion
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Difference of Opinion


Lekisha F. Oliver

Differences make people more interesting.

This is true in the wrestling business, as well as in life. The imperfection of a personality of any individual makes them unique.

Wrestling is filled with every stereotype, every character flaw, every known possibility of a difference is found.

These differences allow the viewers and the fans of these individuals a glimpse into a person they can look up to. Role models to help give a youngster a glimmer for the future. A tower of strength to give a dying person a sight of hopeful bliss when their favorite one comes to visit their hospital room.

The heart of wrestling builds on the characters and the personalities behind the character. Everyone from Vince McMahons cold-hearted boss routine to Golddusts (Dustin Runnels) outrageous sense of humor makes them uniquely qualified for the business.

Take this for example, walking into an arena hoping to see a good family show packed with excitement and entertainment, as well as sportsman antics, but instead of seeing the previous, a gray cloud of boring, lifeless, and unimaginative souls walk through the curtain. These souls show what their trainers have taught them, the basics moves and the basic holds; however, these individuals are lacking heart and the passion that makes wrestling a fan-driven sport.

This sport has been clouded with the idea that wrestlers work for the money, they work for the prestige, and they work for the bookers, that idea is not true. Truthfully, the money when first starting pales in comparison to the top talent up in the WWE or in NWATNA. The love of the fans that boo or cheer their favorite wrestler, manager, or valet, that is the reason why wrestlers walk past the curtain.

That love makes the personalities shine. The personalities that show the most make people look inside to find that child that remembers the time of the Titans, and I dont been Tennessee. The Golden Era of wrestling, when there was no Internet, there was very little coverage and the only way to find out what happened at an event, was to attend it personally. The strength of ones like Bruno Sammartino and Hulk Hogan to the charisma of Gorgeous George and Randy Savage to the pure athletics of a Kurt Angle and a Bret Hart.

These types of characteristics come out when the fans cheer or the fans boo, the more the encouragement, the more these individuals will work. Not for the money or the fame, for the fans, always for the fans.

So when seeing the jokers, the dancers, the preachers, the dolls, the queens, or any other characteristic or fairy tale story in a person, see that these are there for you and only you.

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