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Light into the Darkness of Void

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Light Upon the Darkness of Void
Lekisha F. Oliver


Columbia Wrestling Alliance hits the Columbia Daily Herald Scene this week. With the pleasant reviews of the fans, the series continues with the current CWA Heavyweight Champion, Void.
Void, who is not very big in stature, 5 foot 7" to be exact, does possess the heart of a champion, as well as the gold around his waist. Even though his "evil" side shows in his character, this champion will be in the top of the wrestling world for years to come. With his recent title defense over USA Championship Wrestlings Hot Rod Biggs, Void has faced some of the top wrestlers in the business. The more the fans see him, the more they want him to win.
Read through the interview with the purest forms of evil and join the CWA every Saturday night at Grand Slam USA. Without further ado, Void.

Lekisha Oliver: How and why did you get into wrestling? How long have you been wrestling?
Void: I got into wrestling by "accident". I had wanted to train for the longest time, I had even been to a "wrestling camp" in Memphis, I was promised a call back that never materialized. Anyway, I was at work, on a Saturday, and saw Doug Gilbert on the front of the sports page in the local newspaper. He was talking about opening up his school in Lexington, Tennessee, at the time, he was actually training a Japanese wrestler to become more accustomed to our style. I got in touch with him and told him I was interested. I had to save the money, as most of us do, not all, and finally started training. As for the why part; it's something that I can't really put into words. I just know that it's something I wanted more than almost anything, kids and wife OBVIOUSLY aside.

LO: Who trained you and how long did you train before stepping into the ring?
Void: Well, as I said before, I trained under Doug Gilbert. But I have learned a lot from more than a few guys. Ricky Murdock had a very big hand in training me; working out with me several times in 100 (plus) degree heat, with no air, in Humboldt, Tennessee, in the place we came to lovingly call "The Hell Hole". Bulldog Raines also had a big hand in helping me with the "psychology" of wrestling, the reasons why we do what we do to perform for the people, not just wrestling for ourselves. In other words, not just trying to get our (expletive) in. Concerning how long I trained, I feel that I'm always training. There will never be a time that I quit "training".

LO: What other training did you do before stepping into the ring? Sports/Arts/Acting..etc?
Void: I played all sorts of sports while younger, football, baseball, basketball, soccer, boxing, and wrestling. I came to really only like football. I have taken a few forms of martial arts: Ninjutsu, Brazilian Jiu- Jitsu, Kenpo Karate, Judo, and Submission Fighting. No acting though, I'm always like this.

LO: Did you watch the sport growing up? And if so, who was your favorite? Who got you into watching the sport?
Void: Oh hell yes I watched the SPORT growing up. I would completely by pass the cartoons on Saturday morning to wait on eleven o'clock to watch Memphis Wrestling, did that since I was four years old. Growing up, I was a huge Jerry Lawler fan, but when I grew up, I started to like "Hot Stuff" Eddie Gilbert, Buzz Sawyer, The Fabulous Freebirds, Ric Flair, and all the Memphis Wrestling people. Honestly, no one got me into watching wrestling, everyone I knew hated it; or at least didn't admit to watching.

LO: To those who have no gotten to experience your style, how would you explain your style and character?
Void: My character??? I had a few of the veterans tell me that I should find something as close to my personal self, that would be marketable, as I could, therefore, Void came up. I had wrestled under another name before, and wasn't getting anywhere with it. So, I let my hair down (thanks Chris Champion) and now I seem to be doing okay. The style I wrestle is more of a "shoot" style. While I love to watch SOME of the highspot guys, it's just not my thing. I am a firm believer that a nicely placed Fujiwara arm bar, Tajiri style kick, or Shamrock ankle lock is better than attempting whatever I saw on SmackDown, or trying to create some version of some finisher someone else thought of a long time ago.

LO: Who would you say would be your best matches thus far?
Void: Right now I have a long list of matches that I think very, very highly of. Matches against Tracy Smothers (probably my personal favorite), Chase Stevens, Andy Douglas, East Coast Bad Boys, the series I have had in a lot of places with Bulldog Raines, Chris Champion, and Mule Days (me and Jammer vs. The Devils).

LO: Through the federations that you have worked for, what titles have you held and how long did you hold them?
Void: Right now, and most importantly I am the two-time and the current, C.W.A. Heavyweight Champion, two time N.W.A Mid-South Southern Junior champion (can we get away with saying that???), M.S.C.W. tag team, Lightheavyweight, and Hardcore champion and SCW tag team champion in Mississippi, W.T.C.W. Heavyweight Champion and VCW Lightheavyweight champion in Tennessee, and a couple of other that don't come to mind right now. The length of each title reign? I have no idea, I'm not all that concerned with EXACTLY how long I hold a title or (expletive) like that.

LO: What do you see in the future of your career?
Void: In my future, I would absolutely love to simply pay the bills wrestling, nothing more and nothing less.

LO: With the diverse styles in and out of the ring across the area, what would be the reason the fans should come out for the wrestling experience in your federation?
Void: I think the answer is simple, you never know what is going to happen in C.W.A. I mean, week to week there are new guys, and Athena (ha ha ha) coming in. I honestly have no idea who I'll be wrestling from one week to the next, and I like it that way. You actually get to test how well you can WORK.

LO: Any parting words for the fans or any comments that you would like to make?
Void: I would like to part by saying that one day, I would like to see both companies in Columbia put their heads together and make a real honest to Satan territory out of this town. There is plenty of talent and a whole lot of fan base that could make it possible. It's absolutely ridiculous to keep fighting over the same two hundred to three hundred people. I'm throwing my hat down and asking anyone else with the brass to do the same.

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