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Dream Matches, Nightmares and Dreams Coming True 3-15-02
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Ready for the busiest month of the year? There are a few things that have already happened in the short few days of this month. The WWF have been setting up WrestleMaina, the WWA had their second pay-per-view, the Swamee has been challenged and the NWA Main Event still continues to bring some of its brightest starts to my area. All of these things have made into interesting reading, along with the emails from my wonderful readers. The "dream match" question went over extremely well. The question that most asked was whats my favorite match?

As promised, my dream match will be revealed during this column. My favorite would have to be a tag team match between the top workers in this business. It would be Hogan and Flair vs. Piper and Sting. This match puts together the top faces and heels of the new golden age from the top two federations. However my twists and turns would have to have both Eric Bischoff and Vince McMahon as special guest refs. This match may never happen, but its fun to think about.

Along with working on this column, Swamee has written in. He requested a little bit of time. He sent in an email, but Im only going to use the main part.

"Kisha..As you know there has been someone attempt to attack my creditability, not only have I taken this seriously, I answer this persons challenge with a yes(He went into hysterics here, taking it out)But I have a condition about the whole thing. If I win, there will be no contest on who is the best, but in the condition that I lose, I will leave quietly, never to be heard from again. Please put some of this in your column. Sincerely..The Swamee"

So I guess that hes accepted. From what I know about this person that challenged Swamee will be aided by one of my fellow columnists, Jeff Docherty. Just for the record, Jeff and I have nothing against each other, were just doing this help out.

Onto some real wrestling. Saturday night, I finally got out of the office to do some field work with the NWA Main Event in Columbia, Tennessee. I have worked with this organization before, but I have gotten to talk with the promoter. He has allowed me to bring several interviews with his workers. Over the next few weeks, I will be bringing those interviews. The brightest stars in the NWA Main Event will be coming to a column near you.

Make sure to read the interviews, check out their website at www.nwamainevent.com and to check out the shows. Check their website for local area information. Also, this federation will now be coming to a tv near you. They have just recently signed with Comcast Channel 75 in Nashville, Tennessee. Check out the show on Saturday nights at 12:30. More to come on this story.

As promised, the top matches will also be revealed. Im going to go with the top three. These were the ones that got multiple votes. The entire list will be up on my website at http://belleofthebrawl.tripod.com

Click on these incredible guys to go to their site

As promised, the top matches will also be revealed. Im going to go with the top three. These were the ones that got multiple votes. The entire list will be up on my website at http://belleofthebrawl.tripod.com

The Top Three are as follows:

  1. Rob Van Dam vs. Shawn Micheals.
    This match will place the top excitement workers from the WWF and from ECW. This match not only would settle who is Mr. PPV and Mr. Monday Night.
  1. Triple H vs. Shawn Micheals.
    This setup has been tried before, but only as a spoof match. Who would be the real leader of Degeneration X.
  1. Austin vs. Goldberg.
    The battle of the bald headed, black-tight wearing wrestlers. This match was the most requested.

With this column coming to a close, I am getting set up for a series of interviews with the NWA Main Event. If anyone is around the Southern United States, come check out this show. Going to be a blast. Make sure to check out my website at http://belleofthebrawl.tripod.com for the full list of dream matches. Feel free to browse around and sign the guestbook.

Feel free to email me at the following address: belleofthebrawl@yahoo.com

This week I am asking for your predictions for the split after WrestleMania. Send them to belleofthebrawl@yahoo.com

So, for this week, stay safe.

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