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Where in the blue hell.....4-22-02
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Have you been!!!!!!!!!

So, since the last edition of this column, there have been a few major changes with the split of Smackdown and Raw.

Okay so what has this accomplished?

Splitting the roster not only has moved the favorites of some people who watch on Smackdown, which comes on a network station, to a cable station with RAW. Have the ratings been effected? Unsure as of yet, but with Kane being out for four months, this is going to be a little strapping for the RAW crew. Thats another major name out, so what are the WWF going to do?

Keep going. Yes, Kane is a very important part of the crew, but its time for that crew to use some of the talent it has lying around somewhere. There are about thirty plus individuals for each show, use them and not the same people over and over again.

Smackdown has lost Rock for the movie, okay, fine, they will go on. Do the same thing on that show as RAW. Just cause they lost their star, well, look in the locker room for another star. There is a plethora of talent that can be tapped into to make the show great. Go into that pool and make a new Rock or a new Kane. This has become obvious when Bradshaw was brought up into the limelight, which should have been done many moons ago.

Rumors and factoids of new talent being brought up have been placed into attention as of late. Bringing up Dawn Marie (www.dawnmarieonline.com) and Kim Neilson, as well as many other independent stars, this move shows that the WWFE are willing to move into new times. Both of these ladies are trained for mat and for mic, not only having a beautiful person and marketability. But if the WWFE brings up Dawn, wheres Simon Diamond (www.simondiamond.com)? They are a matched set off and on the screen. Maybe if they finally match up with the WWFE, Simon will actually take that walk down the aisle.

I must tackle a question that was asked a few days ago over email. Several of the people that I work with on a daily basis have been wondering why I have not been writing columns or releasing my interviews. There have been several reasons for this. Number one, I have been upset since the split and have tapered down on watching wrestling or television period since I have now started another outside writing job with the local newspaper as a sports writer. That time has been consuming, along with my normal job, so if it takes me a while to write back, that is the reason.

However, I have not come away from wrestling. I am currently going to independent shows in my area every Saturday night. I have been following the NWA Main Event (www.nwa-mainevent.com) and helping out with this promotion as much as possible. I have several interviews from the superstars at this organization, which I am currently working on. So, everyone have patience with me on this project. That is why I havent been talking about the WWF as much.

The Indy circuit has been producing a lot of great talent of late and I encourage everyone to go watch these shows. If there happens to be any news, email it to me. I would be happy to set up a weekly Indy report just for the sites I write for. Not only the NWA Main Event, the entire Indy circuit.

As for the write-up from last weeks NWA Main Event show, here are the results. Dynamite Dan defeated Tork Hudson at 3:02 by a sit-down powerbomb; Lonnie Lane defeated the Intern at 7:48 by a leg-scissors type helicopter takedown; "Smart" Bart Sawyer defeated "The Freak" Anthony Ingram with Angel at 10:35 by DDT; Chris Champion with Chanelle vs. Dante with Jade ended in a no contest after 10:06; Superfly P with Just Gordon defeated Tony Falk with Jade and Hammerjack with Charming Charles at 7:21; NWA World Tag Team Champions Disturbing Behavior defeated John Noble and Robbie Ruffin with Just Gordon at 16:43 by brass knucks to Ruffin by Daniels; and the Main Event of the evening had Sudden Impact defeating Hot Rod Biggs with Angel and Larry Valentine.

There were a few notes to this show. The match between Champion and Dante was a falls count anywhere match. Both Dante and Champion took the match outside into the street, where luckily there was no traffic coming. Both took hellacious bumps, as did I, thank you gravity, I know have a twisted ankle. Next week, the match between these two individuals has the fans bringing the weapons, no DQ and no time limit. So make sure to bring some good stuff. That night was also the first appearance of Angel, make sure to make this divaish type heel right at home.

But, I would like to take this opportunity to thank Jerry "The King" Lawler and David Flair for the visit about two weeks ago to the NWA Main Event. Unfortunately, I did not get to speak with these individuals, but the photos are rolling for that event, which will be up on my website as soon as possible. Feel free to check it out at http://belleofthebrawl.tripod.com

With that note in, it seems as though the question of the week has been lacking as of late. From every column I have been reading, that option has taken on a new found fame. So, as for my question of the week deals more with the column. I have been doing more interviews and less columns. Over all the interviews, which did you seem to like the best and why? Who would you like to see next? And what direction would you like to see the wrestling business go over the next three months? Email your answers to these questions to belleofthebrawl@yahoo.com

I hope to get back with everyone as soon as I possibly can. If you would like, IM me on aol at LekishaO (the letter), yahoo at lekisha_oliver@yahoo.com or on MSN at lekisha@hotmail.com

Feel free to drop me a line anytime.

As for this edition, stay safe and remember that everything in life is precious, keep it close.