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Are You Tough Enough? 5-5-02
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Can you be Tough Enough?

Usually on this column, the topics usually go from the mainstream to the backstage to the independent and all points therein. One of the points therein is what this column is. Always to show some sort of truth in the interpretation of the sports entertainment business, which is a point that needed to be shown upon.

As looking upon the application for Tough Enough III (http://www.wwftoughenough.com), a friend and I were commenting on what the WWF would be looking for in its applicants. This year will be the third season and within those years, there has been every kind of individual pass through the screen, everything from the drunken making-out season to the agony of losing that one thing that was wanted, a WWF contract.

Not only does this application ask for physical description, height and weight, but also it delves into a long process of mental preparation. Asking about the parents/parental relationship not only shows whether or not this person is a mamas boy or a daddys little princess, it shows how well a person is able to connect with others on a more personal level. The relationship with parents is not the only one tested, the relationship with a significant other also comes into question. This question asks how well the applicant can trust and how crazy this person can get to get what is wanted, especially if it asks how the person hooked up with him or her.

In addition to trust and connection with others, this application makes the potential employee look deep inside their soul by asking about best/worst qualities. To get to where desire has no name, the name of deceit, favorites, heroes, other persons habits, and acting in social environments. Want to take psychological profile, this bad boy not only narrows down flaws, it nails them right between the eyes.

Safe to say, if a person can get through the paper part of the application without a hitch, there are still the physical characteristics to be dealt with. If that can get past the initial level, goodness will come on its way.

So, the question that I would like to answer on this application, "What is the craziest thing you would do for a WWF contract?" Personally, answer all these questions about myself and see if I can really take the test. If I am tough enough, I can make it through anything, but the absolute craziest thing would be to actually work to get there and not take the quick way up. Final answer, Regis. Next question if you please.

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As for this week, question of the week is do you think that you could be Tough Enough? Send in your answers to lekisha@wrestling-online.com

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Until next week, stay safe and follow your dreams, cause the directions may never be right.