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Anything new? 7-24-02
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What's going on?

Welcome to another rip-roaring edition of "Belle of the Brawl". Oh who am I kidding, I'm here to tell what I know and what others need to know about. (Don't ya love that attitude.)

First on the slate, locally the NWA TNA show has not been getting a lot of coverage here in Tennessee. I asked several people that were at the newspaper office and they said that they hadn't even heard of it. Well, let's see if the paper covers it.

Anyway, Jeremy Borash went into his report by showing that the NWA TNA is still growing and that it's going to take a while to "steer it in the right direction." I would hope that it would include TV monitors for the viewing crowd in house. I have had a lot of emails saying that the crowd wasn't pleased. Most of them did not know what was going on backstage. My source even gave information that they would have requested their money back. Hopefully the NWA TNA will listen to the crowd and not use them as filler. Borash goes on about Malice (The Wall) going on Jenny Jones. Along with that, his talent was getting good reviews on some of the matches. He even gives himself a slight pat on the back for going to Hooters. Thanks for that information, Jeremy, it must not be the wings that are dancing in the go-go cage.

Along to the WWE, here comes Rey-Rey. It's about time that he was brought in. That had to be the best move that has been made. Rey Mysterio is one incredible talent that should have been to that part of the dance a long time ago. Welcome to your new home Rey. Now, who would like to see a Rey vs. Rob match?

Okay.everyone put your hands down. Talk about a culture shock to the system. Let's see that match VERY SOON!!! PPV material!

Talk about debuts, major props have to be given to "Belle of the Brawl" alumni Lisa Marie Varon, AKA Victoria. Congrats to you Lisa! Go for the gold, girl!

From the positive to the negative. The firing of talent issue has been coming up as of late. Like many companies, the WWE has been "trimming the fat" so to speak. No disrespect to any of the talent. With money and people not spending it, or even making it, our economy has went down, so will the revenues. Gotta love a recession. However, the best of luck to all that were let go. It totally ranks, but there's always Jarrett or the Indy circuit.

Speaking of the Indy circuit, there have been several developments in the Indy fed that frequents this column. The NWA Main Event has had several stars and past stars go to the hospital. Not only did fan and personal favorite Chris Champion suffer a massive stroke, he's back up walking and talking and just "being Chris". Chris, good luck on the road ahead. Prayers go out to you. Also to Lonnie Lane. Lonnie had a motorcycle accident about a week ago, breaking his leg, his shoulder and causing some damage to his neck. Prayers to you as well. Get well soon.

What else.Oh, the question of the week back two weeks ago. That question came out with Rob Van Dam as the winner, shockingly enough, Brock Lesnar was next and then Test. Go figure. Totals will be out on the
website later in the week.

Thank you to all for the birthday wishes. That was one interesting vacation. Too much travelling, but a VERY well deserved rest for this writer, including a trip to the movies, which hasn't been done in almost a year.

As for this week, the question of the week will surround the main topic, NWA TNA. Whom or what would it take to make this federation a success? Email answers to

As for this week, stay safe and lets get ready for school, football and more. Love the sports life. Enjoy.