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Fighting over Four Hundred
Lekisha F. Oliver

Catfights = ratings? Photo Courtesy of wwepictures1.cjb.net

Wanna talk about wrestling, sheesh...move to the Tennessee area. Everywhere you turn, wrestling has emerged. Like an old friend once said, you cant shake a tree in Tennessee without a wrestler falling out of it.

From the days of Memphis wrestling to the days of NWA: TNA wrestling has flourished in the Tennessee area. Every weekend wrestlers, valets, managers and promoters venture out to the world and produce some of the best wrestling around. But does Tennessee breed wrestlers or just house the hotbed of wrestling?

True that some of the best wrestlers have came from Tennessee, but with NWA: TNA moving to the area, the wrestlers have become Tennessee natives. Now not only have wrestlers in the area have their choice of working every night of the week, they have their choice of federations and promoters.

However, if these wrestlers arent careful, they can find themselves inside a heated rivalry. Dont know what I mean, let me explain from experiences.

When a friend of mine first moved to the area last year, he had just pulled on his boots from wrestling school and had his choice of areas to move to. He chose the Tennessee area due to that and several other reasons.

There were two federations running in the same thirty-five mile area. These two federations have been fighting tooth and nail for several months. Have the crowds increased? Not really, but as a wrestler from this area has said that we are fighting over four hundred fans and the money that these fans bring through the door. If one federation has more that night than the other, the wrestlers walk away with nothing, but if these two federations are even, well, one still walks away with more.

Or does it take JR on fire? Photo courtesy of wwepictures1.cjb.net

These types of scenarios are seen in wrestling territories every night. But WWE and WCW faced these same dilemmas every Monday night with ratings. So the old-fashioned territory wars just did not focus on a certain number of fans in one area, but the fans of all the areas.

Whether or not the southwest or the northeast could get the programs due to sports or other interruptions showed how well they were doing. The same type of thing goes with the Independent scene. However, the production crew sees their fans and how they react to certain characters and / or situations.

For example, if the top wrestler in the company walks through the curtain, the fans will either boo or cheer him, but the more reaction that the fans do give, the more that person will pushed ahead. That equals the ratings boost for certain aspects of WWEs programming, i.e. Triple H, or Kane. But do these types of wars still exist?


The more people that come to a show, the more the ratings and the money will rise. The more money, the more jealousy; the more jealousy, the more fighting. Plain and simple, however, when the jealousy and the fighting go beyond just money, the real battle begins.

But that will have to remain in the next edition.


Many, many apologies for not writing sooner. But as some know, the Belle of the Brawl has turned her big mouth into a job with the Columbia Wrestling Alliance. I know that a lot of you out there have always wondered what the staff of Wrestling-Online.com look like, well, you can see the Belle of the Brawl in all her glory on the CWA's site at www.columbiawrestlingalliance.com

If you're in the area, drop by on Saturday nights and let me know that you found out about us on here. Makes my night. :)

Send comments or questions to lekisha.oliver@wrestling-online.com or visit my website at www.belleofthebrawl.com

Until next article, hopefully sooner than later, keep looking up to the stars.

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