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How far can publicity go?

After sitting through the past couple of weeks, through classes in the morning and trying to catch wrestling after work, its been tough to come up with time to write, as well as getting the motivation. However, that motivation has come in a strange package. 

I digress.  The reason why I came to this keyboard has to deal with all the politics and all the publicity hounds out in the wrestling business.  Yes, I know that every promoter has the right to promote whatever match or card they wish.  This type of promoting, unfortunately called dirty politics in some circles, encrusts part of wrestling that no respectable wrestler, valet, manager, or even fan would like to get involved in.  Shows like this usually consist of any type of hook that will get the fans out of the house and into a chair.  No promoter is safe from this type of antics.

Vince McMahon surely is not against doing something over the top to bring in fans.  Shock value is even part of his game plan.  If the idea shocks him, it will shock the world.  For example, HLA shocked the world.  A lot of women found that degrading, but he talked right to his peak audience, males 15-35.  Most guys cannot sit at their computer right now and say that they wouldn’t have loved to be in the middle of the front row for that night.  That type of audience is what Vince was looking for.  Young men who have money to spend and would rather spend it on watching two women kiss, their ultimate fantasy.   I know many a guy who still has that episode on tape and drool over that kiss, as well as Torrie and Sable. 

Speaking of the blonde twosome, the Playboy audience as well.  Yes, the Playboy audience went up when the issue came out earlier this year.  However, explain to me, because I must have missed it, how that brings younger viewers to the screen?  Children under 18 cannot buy the magazine, but have asked their parents what the magazine is all about.  The next thing you know, the children are posing for the magazine. 

Sorry venting again.  Trust me, one of these days Ill jump up on that soapbox again and preach, but Im not really in the mood.

Back to politics, and keep it on politics.

The story to which I am speaking of involves several local promotions.  These promotions have strong wrestlers and weak wrestlers, and I do not mean in the
physical sense.  However, with a weak card, the promoter has to do something to bring the tails back in the seats.  Why not challenge half the locker room from the opposing promotion?  Why not.  Didnt we cover something like this when WWE challenged WCW or vice versa? I thought so, but evidentially this promoter thought is necessary to go out and challenge fifty percent of the locker room and half a dozen others. 

These two promotions cannot function without the other.  Just fuel to the flame, an always-adding fire, this is the idea for the town.  At times, the fueling of the fires of either companies, or any other company, seems like the feud of the Hatfield’s and the McCoy’s.  The feud started over something small (if you want the full history, here is the website, http://www.matewan.com/History/legacy.htm I’m not retelling the whole blasted story). There is always something to stir up trouble.  But the politicking starts a flying, (Thanks Granddad for that lovely expression.)

This type of feud has ruined towns across the country, as well as shutting down one of the most powerful wrestling companies in the world.

Feuds like this have been going on for what seems like the entire wrestling history book; however, if these feuds never end, families have been known to hate each
other for the rest of their lives.  Yes, it does happen, because Ive seen it with my own eyes. 

However, the next time you see a Special Idea, think twice before hitting the politicking road to put down a company. 

As for this very weird column, its closed.; however, I’m open for new questions, interviews, comments, you name it.  Email them to belleofthebrawl@yahoo.com or drop by the site at www.belleofthebrawl.com

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