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Watch and Learn
Lekisha F. Oliver

Silence is a virtue, my grandmother always told me, especially in my family.  Even though my entire family doesn’t have a silent bone in their bodies, but for once, this writer has decided to remain silent for several months and watch to see what happens


While sitting back these couple of months, there have been developments in wrestling that only a few know of or the entire world knows of.  These developments have either changed the outlook of wrestling in every area of the world, or just in the neck of the woods where a wrestling ring stands.


I know that you’re reading this and saying, “All right, what is she on?”  or “Get to the point!” or “Who cares!”, but my views have always been a little jumbled, but they usually clear up in the end.


Anyhow.  While taking a few weeks to collect my thoughts after starting back into college, the wrestling scene in this area has changed, but will it be for the better?  The last bit of writing that I released has what I am speaking of: the movement of TNA out of Nashville.  Has the silent movement of TNA to Orlando taken its toll on roster of superstars? 


It’s hard to say at the moment.  However, how long will it be before more independent wrestlers take their leave from the Jarrett introduced phenomena or will we continue to see more tag teams heading their separate ways?  In the case of America’s Most Wanted, one of the most popular tag teams in wrestling, the separation of this team has caused a few waves along the way in the fan base of the former NWA Tag Team Champions.  But has the duo from Dixie finally gone their separate ways? 


So far, a complete split has not occurred as of yet.  But with “Wildcat” Chris Harris having taken the NWA Tag Team Gold with Prime Time, the split is inevitable.  There is just one thing, why would Harris bust up on the most known teams out in wrestling?  Could this split be from the plague of injuries to “Cowboy” James Storm?   Over the past couple of months, James has had injury after injury, one of which separated AMW for several months allowing Harris to go for the NWA Heavyweight Gold.  With the recent shoulder injury, Harris had been placed with Daniels to mix up the tag team rankings and Storm had been left seemingly out in the cold.  This doesn’t sit well with the Nashville native.  As Storm continues on without Harris, will there be more friction between the two or a split of champions?

America's Most Wanted
Courtesy of TNAwrestling.com

Speaking of champions splitting, another example would be Paul London and Billy Kidman going into separate directions.  If I didn’t know any better, I would think that there is a clause in the tag team contracts saying that after a tag team gets some half-way decent attention that the team has to split.  Yes, both London and Kidman are two of the best wrestlers that WWE has, so why not place them against each other instead of together.  Well that question is answered, more ratings. 


If WWE continues with this whole scenario, the match series that Kidman and London will have will be some of the best high-flying and/or technical wrestling that the world has ever seen.  Both of these individuals are very well skilled and can wrestle anyone at anytime and anywhere. 


When watching these two teams battle it out against each other, the wrestling world will also be watching and learning to see who is the better athlete, who can make it to the top and where does the limit end?  The more that these two teams can face off in the ring, the more that this question will be answered and the virtue will be very well ensured and very well deserved.


Have a safe week and see everyone soon….

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