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Interview Page


Lately, the federations in the sports entertainment/wrestling fields have been dominant. However, here in the southern part of the United States, we have always had our independent federations to look towards for the future of sports entertainment. I was checking around
the internet a couple of weeks ago, and I remember hearing about a wrestler named Brianna Star. I heard some great things about this woman and I decided to check out her style both in and out of the ring.

I checked her credentials and realized how remarkable that this woman is the first Women's Champion for the Mid-South Wrestling Organization, based out of western Tennessee. I went to Ms. Star and requested an interview.

She graciously accepted my interview for the Belle of the Brawl article. Before and during the interview, I saw how determined and strong she is and much success in all that she does.

The interview follows:

Lekisha Oliver/Belle of the Brawl (BB): Thank you for allowing this interview. Let's get started and ask who trained you?

Brianna Star : I was trained by a few different people. Rude (of the NWA Midsouth Tag Team, Naughty By Nature) trained me on the more "today" style wrestling (like dropkicks, suplex's, etc.) Buddy Wayne, Vicious
Vickie, and Greg Peal trained me on the "old" style wrestling (like holds, submissions, etc.) So with the knowledge that all four people gave to me I learned a lot about the business before ever getting into the ring.

BB: Why did you want to get into the business?

Brianna: I had always like watching wrestling growing up, and always thought it would be cool to do. But in my early teens I kinda got out of it, cause I always heard at school, "your a girl, your not supposed to watch wrestling". So I stopped watching it. Then when I turned 17 the wrestling craze was just starting to get "reborn" and I attended my first Indy wrestling show, which also was my first live wrestling show ever. From that night on I was hooked. I knew this was what I was gonna do. And from that point I have worked to make it in the business.

BB: Who is your inspiration/hero?

Brianna: Outside the business, without even having to think about it, my Mom, she is my hero. She has been there for me thru all the good and bad. She did not, and still don't understand why I want to do this for a living, but she has always supported me and tried to do anything and everything to help me fulfill my dream. In the business, I would have to say Vickie (who trained me) and my "sister" Becky, both of them have helped me in so many ways. They have believed in me, when I did not believe in myself. I have nothing but respect for them and for what they have done in the business.

BB: What was the best/worst moment of your career?

Brianna: Best moment, no doubt, was on March 5th, 2000 in Gibson, TN when I won a battle Royal to crown the 1st Ever MSWA Women's Champion.

Worst Moment, I would have to say was back in June '99 when my tag team partner, Dakota, turned on me by watching 3 guys try to break my leg in the ring. She was standing out by the concessions stand and just watched. I was out for 6 months with my leg.

BB: Any plans for the present?

Brianna: My present plans is just to have live life to the fullest, go out to each match and give the fans 110%, and be the best Female wrestler I can. Defend my belt, fight my battles, and try not to get hurt.

BB: Plans for the future?

Brianna: Well, my present and future plans are a lot alike. But for the future I would like to make it in this business. I've got a good start now, I'm headed in the right direction. I just hope I'm able to keep it
that way. I'm gonna try to prove to the wrestling world that there are a few "real" female wrestlers out there, and make a name for myself.


BB: Would you consider going further in the business, like into the big

Brianna: I would love to make it to one of the big 3. Anyone who say's
they don't want to make it to one of them is lying to themselves. I
would like to see a few changes in the way they do their female
wrestlers. But I would love to get the call saying "hey we want you."

BB: Tell me about your hopes for anyone who wishes to get into the

Brianna: First off to anyone who is wanting to get into this business, I
have to say Good Luck. This is one of, if not the hardest business to
make it in. For someone, especially a female, trying to get in, DON'T
GIVE UP. If you have the heart, desire and know deep down this is what
you want to do, go for it no matter what. You have to be willing to put
your body thru pain day after day, the bruises, the soreness, the
mornings you wake up asking yourself "WHY?". Going thru the training is
the hardest part, but find a good trained and get in there and learn
everything about the business in and out of the ring. And then the first
time you step into the ring and hear
the fans cheering you, well at that point you don't ask yourself "why?"
cause you know at that point. its the greatest feeling ever, and I hope
anyone who has this dream can fulfill it.

BB: Who is the one wrestler that you admire or look up to, if any?

Brianna: Chyna, in my eyes she has done so much for the women in
wrestling. She went into the WWF, looked around and then took control.
She proved she could wrestle as good, if not better then most of the
guy's up there. She has proven you can have the look and the attitude,
and the talent.

BB: What do you thing of the WWF, WCW, ECW, and the Mid-South

Brianna: I think all the organizations have there good and bad points.
I'll admit every Monday night I'm sitting at home watching wrestling for
hours. I do think sometimes they take it a little to far past wrestling.
And I do not agree with the way the women are not allowed to really
wrestle. I think they are missing a big opportunity not having real
female wrestling matches, you can have your "sexy" side to the women but
there are a lot of great female wrestlers in the WWF, WCW, ECW, and here
in the Mid-South but they only want to let the ladies do so much then
its, roll around for a while and cat
fight. How many of the men's matches have you seen brake out into a
"catfight"? I can say every now and then the big 3 surprise me and have
a real ladies match, which I love when this happens. that's one reason I
like working for the company's that I'm with right now cause myself,
along with the other ladies get to step into the ring every week and
have wrestling matches.

BB: Thank you for the interview and I hope to get to interview you

In and out of the ring, this woman means business. And from this
writer, I will be looking forward to the day the Brianna Star is in the
ring with the WWF or WCW Women's Championship around her waist. I wish
all the best for Brianna in the future and good luck.