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Interview With Chase Stevens
Lekisha F. Oliver


When at first glance at Chase Stevens, you see the cocky guy from high school who was the most popular guy in the school. Every gal wanted to date him and every guy wanted to be him. However, when looking past the blonde hair, blue eyes, six foot tall, twenty-three year old, there is a brain under those locks. Not only does he have a college degree in Business Administration, he has also trained under the best workers in the world and has trained several up and coming superstars of his own. Outside of Tennessee, Stevens is known as a heel and that guy, but in Tennessee, Chase is known to be a man with a heart of gold. Read about the newest member of NWA: Total NonStop Action. Check out several pictures of Chase on my website, as well as on NWA Main Event to check results. Sound out the warnings, here comes Chase Stevens.

Lekisha Oliver [Belle of the Brawl (BB)]: Chase, tell the reading audience about your whole persona, if they dont get to see you that often.

Chase Stevens (CS): Well the character just changed on NWA TNA. Changed our whole tag team to big, cocky pricks. That are cocky, but we dont overdo it. We dont get real energetic about hollering at people or anything. Were like that guy that sits at the end of the bar who you just know hes going to get his ass beat at the before the end of the night, thats what they want us to be. Before that we were the good guys, coming out and shaking hands, stuff like that.

BB: Hugging everyone in sight.

CS: Thats how I like to be, but the Jarretts and Vince Russo and a few others that are in the office there wanted us that way. As you know Chris Harris is on the same promotions Im on and hes always in the promoters ear putting us down. So we had to get a little controversy there, in the backstage where we jumped them, him and James Storm. Last Wednesday night we talk a little bit, were cocky, we were telling people about it and word got out, one person tells one person and tells another and another and another. Then word gets out that we were the ones that jumped them, then theres a big fight breaking out in the ring on the pay-per-view on Wednesday night and I think we got the best of them. We were the ones standing at the end. The 1-2-3 doesnt really matter, who keeps up with a win-loss record anyways, but we walked out of there and they were carried out of there, so I feel like we won the fight. Now, you wanna come down to NWA Main Event, run his mouth out there about the 1-2-3 and how he got the win, me being a man, grabbed my prick and walked out and told him just how it was. I was the one that walked out last Wednesday night, and he was the one lying in the ring. He didnt like what I had to say and I didnt like what he had to say. Now hes got his own little set of fans that follow him around everywhere, and I have my set of fans that follow me around everywhere. I think that my set of fans are a little more important than his set of fans. You know, he wanted to jump me while my back was turned and then say a few words, as I walked out of the ring. I already had a match tonight, Saturday, against Hammerjack. I didnt need to wrestle two times tonight. And as I was walking out, he had to hit me from behind, cause he was being a wuss. Im not a wuss. Ive never turned down a fight, kinda like tonight, there is no sense in going on and fighting two fights in one night, he called me a wuss. I turned around and didnt back down in that ring and gave him what he deserves. And then out of nowhere, we start throwing punches. Thank God there was someone on hand to stop me from beating Chris Harris. I mean he would already be in the hospital. But as they pulled me off, he still wanted a match tonight. And me being the man that I am, I agreed to it, cause I dont back down.

BB: Thats true.

CS: You know, he got in the ring first, we were third match. I hit the ring like balls of fire, I dont think he got anything in. I was beating him like there was no tomorrow. And then Hammerjack, the man I was supposed to be wrestling Saturday night, in Columbia, TN, come out and got the match threw out. That pisses me off because now Ive got feuds with not only Chris Harris, but now Ive got Hammerjack. The same locker room, so you can imagine what the bodyguards are going through, trying to keep us away all night long, but I have to have to respect Chris because he didnt come out and interrupt my match with Hammerjack. And I come out with Hammerjack and beat the crap out of him. I mean he didnt know what hit him either, but hen his manager got involved, hit me with a cane and as I spun around, I got hit with a chair and I was laid out for the 1-2-3. And me, being a man, got up and I walked out of the arena. Now Im going to be back and it aint over between me and him. And it aint over against me and Chris Harris. So, if you see us anywhere on the same card, wherever Im at, Im going to be the crap out of them, wherever Im at. Security aint going to stop me. Thats about it.

BB: Thats a good character synopsis. Can we snap out of Chase and into your normal person now? (Smiles).

CS: That was me. (Laughs).


BB: Oh God, were in trouble now. (laughs). Where did you get started?

CS: I got started in Evansville, Indiana. I started out, actually, I never watched wrestling growing up. I mean I would watch it when it came on Saturday mornings. Big fans of Hulk Hogan when I was a little kid. When I reached high school, I started wrestling amateur and kinda fell out of wrestling. I mean there was years that I didnt even watch wrestling. Right after I graduated, I was working at a video store, and my best friend comes in with a HWF and tells me that hes training to be a wrestler and how hes going to be the next big thing and all that and I had to laugh at him. "Oh youre doing all that fake stuff." Because you hear that all the time and everybody plans their matches out and that the ring is like a trampoline and all this and hes laughing at this. Then hes like you outta come on down and see one of these shows and maybe train with me. He kept talking to me and a couple weeks later I went down to the Coliseum and I watched a training session and it was very interesting. You could tell that that ring was not a trampoline just by the way they were falling and I talked to the promoter about training there and I had to put some money down. Next week I came back and stepped into the ring with Mike Samples. Mike Samples and Tracy Smothers. Mike trained me for about three or four weeks and then on the off time I was trained by Tracy. And my fifth week they put me in the ring with Johnny B. Dazzle, a trainee that had been there quite a long time and it was his first match and my first match. I didnt really have a clue about wrestling at the time, professional wise, and I did get beat. He got the 1-2-3 on me and if I ever meet up with him again, Id love to wrestle him again. After that I stayed in Evansville for about a year, just wrestling one night a week before I headed onto making it into a career. I started wrestling on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, on the circuit. I hit Indiana, Kentucky, Illinois, Michigan, Pennsylvania,. do the little circuit deal. Mostly I worked with Tracy, he kinda took me under his wing and we as we went around. Then I got in with Main Event Championship Wrestling. Not only was I with Tracy there, I was there with names that had been in the business for 15-20 years and everyone of them took me under their wing and completely turned me around in the business. They taught me what to do and what not to do and how they learned from their mistakes. Barry Windham really helped me, Curt Hennig, Buff Bagwell, Terry Taylor has been phenomenal with me. Hes always given me advice, showing me the ropes. And after Main Event closed down I went back to the Indy circuit working three nights a week until I moved down to Tennessee. Whenever I moved here I got in with Bert Prentice. Its kinda weird how I got in with him. I asked everyone for his number and it was always kinda hush-hush about it and so I went down to a show just to watch. I saw the television show on Saturday morning and I said Im going down to watch the show and possibly talk with someone about getting me in. I showed up and Bert knew who I was and I didnt even have to talk to him, he talked to me. He took me in the back and asked me if I had my gear, he was putting me on. From then on Bert and I have been friends. Weve been through a lot of stuff, hard times you know. He got me my tryouts for NWA TNA and the Jarretts really took a liking to the Hot Shots, me and Cassidy OReily, now we have a steady position with them. Vince Russo, I talked to him three weeks ago and he absolutely loves us. He sat down and had a real long talk with us about what he wants out of us. Hes watched a lot of our matches on tape He really, really likes us and he thinks that we would be really good for the TNA Pay-Per-View. And I am just kinda hanging in there. Im right where I want to be. Im jumping so fast, I just dont know where Im going to be in a few years to come, because Im already in the second top company in the US right now. I really think that in a few months or years to come that TNA will e in the running with the WWE. Vince is on the downfall right now and the Jarretts are on the rising right now. I think in a few months, maybe even a year, they will be right up with the WWE, and maybe even pass them. Right now Im happy where Im at. I dont plan on going anywhere else. I plan on working for them until my time is up.

BB: Good future plans. For people that dont know you, what would surprise them?
CS: Shock them.


BB: Yes.

CS: Im just always willing to try anything. If you come out to see me wrestle, it doesnt matter what is going on that night, Im going to give it all Ive got. It doesnt matter if theres two people in the building or if theres 15000 people in the building, Im going to give it all either way. I was taught that way. Ive always had a big heart for everything and I want to give it my all. If there are two people in there, I want to make those two people happy, and if theres 15000 people in there, I want them to go home happy and talking about me and how they really enjoyed what I do out there. I try to mix a little bit, take a little bit of technical wrestling with it.

BB: When the buildings roof isnt five and a half feet above your head.

CS: Ive been in worse. If you ever get a chance to come out and watch, I wish they would come out.

BB: Thats what would shock them, how big of a heart you have.

CS: I guess. Im just really dedicated to the wrestling business. I eat, sleep and live wrestling. There not a day or night that Im not doing anything for wrestling. Im just 100 percent into wrestling Im giving it my all. And I hope I become one of the greatest superstars in wrestling, and Im not going to stop until I am one.

BB: I dont blame ya. Anything else you wanted to tell them?

CS: Nah thats about all.

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