Chris Champion
Interview with Chris Champion



Interview with Chris Champion
Lekisha F. Oliver


Chris Champion. The name alone is infamous in wrestling circles around the world. Not only does this interview give a full bio for Chris Champion, it shows how much determination and how much love he has for the sport of his profession. Along with the very lovely Chanelle, Chriss valet and outside girlfriend and fiancee of eleven years, they plan to rule the NWA Main Event. So Im sure she knows him and his tactics, among other things, VERY WELL!

Even thought it took several weeks to get this interview completed, Chris was not only gracious about doing this interview for this column, he posed for several pictures as well. Check them out on my website. Without further ado, Belle of the Brawl gives you Chris Champion.

Lekisha Oliver (Belle of the Brawl {BB}): Okay, Chris, Ive been trying to get this done for how long?

Chris Champion {CC}: Weeks, now Lekisha. Weeks and I do apologize. Its been very difficult for me to spare anytime for things like this, but for such a nice girl like you, Id be glad to.

BB: Youre welcome.

CC: What can I tell ya?


BB: Well how did you get started?

CC: I got started in wrestling, on May 7th, it will be twenty years in wrestling. I met Borus Malenko and Dean Malenko and started wrestling with them. My brother, Mark Starr, whos also a wrestler, started a month after me. Stayed with them about a year and wrestled, then we started with CWF, which was in Florida with Mike Graham, Eddie Graham, Gordon Solie, Barry Windham, Lex Luger, and Ron Simmons. I helped train Lex and Ron. I worked there till finally Dusty came and offered me a Sean (Royal) a job. We were called the New Breed. Then the AWA came up and offered us a job to go up there and wrestle as a tag team. I thought it was the worst thing Id ever heard of. We didnt know we had gotten out big break. Went up there enjoyed it. Got a contract for $154,000 a year for two years ran that out and got in an accident. Shattered my forearm real bad in a car wreck, had it put back together. Im giving ya the Crip notes cause Ive been hurt many more times.


BB: Okay.

CC: After that, me and Sean regrouped and became babyfaces. But it never was the same again after the wreck. We lost something there I guess that we couldnt get back. Then he quit, I started doing a gimmick called the Karate Kid for Dusty Rhodes, when that movie was out. So that didnt last very long. I finished up there with them and went to Jerry Jarrett. I hooked up with my brother and formed a group called the Wild Side. Me and Mark Starr and Ronnie Gossiet as our manager. We wrestled at Jarretts and enjoyed ourselves there. It was a good territory. The refs were good, the pay was good, made good gimmick money, very enjoyable territory and I stayed with them. After my brother left, the Wild Side disbanded and I became Cowabunga, which was a ninja turtle. Did that for a while. Wrestled as a ninja turtle. Went to Japan as a ninja turtle and took the world championship over there. Probably about 1991 or so. FMW, I dont know if youve ever heard of them, the Frontier Martial Arts? Theyre the ones that do the barbed wire, bombs, wrestling in cages. Did that and came back home and came up with another gimmick called Yoshi Kwan, which was like a kung fu master, which was Yochi Kwan, not Yoshi Kwan. Stupid dude off of WCW, whats his name the announcers name Tony Shavione said it Yoshi Kwan.



BB: And it stuck.

CC: Right. Yoshi is Japanese and Kwan is Chinese, thats a hybrid cause Yochi Kwan which means "Fast Chi". Did that gimmick with Harley Race as my manager and had a really good time and learned a lot from him. Went out on the road, then I blew my knee out during a match with Marcus Alexander Bagwell. I was at the Disneyland MGM Center and I blew my PCL out at five minutes. We couldnt stop the match and we had to finish the match cause it was on live TV. Then I worked on it hurt for three months, then tore my MCL, which was the lateral collateral ligament that runs on the side, medial collateral. Then I had to have an operation and I was out for a year and a half. Finished up with WCW and started joining the independents. Then go to Japan and I now freelance. Go to England every now and then. Ive been there three times, where I met this lovely young lady Pandora Boxxx here and its been great wrestling with all the independents around here. I work in Evansville (Indiana) on Wednesday nights. We do the Coliseum Championship Wrestling. I wrestle up there as a character called Sinn, its just Chris Champion with paint on. Its just really Chris Champion. But thats about it. Love wrestling, never wanted to do nothing else. Its been 20 years now and its been great. Love ya.

BB: Thank you. That was short, sweet and to the point. Thanks Chris.

CC: Youre welcome.