"Wildcat" Chris Harris


Interview with Chris Harris
Lekisha F. Oliver

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We have a Wildcat in our midst.  Wildcat Chris Harris, an eight-year veteran of the ring, sat down with us to do a short five-minute interview.  Chris goes over part of his past, what hes doing in the present, and what he hopes to accomplish in the future.  Read up on this superstar of NWA TNA, and then check out the NWA TNA website for more information at www.nwatna.com. Without further ado, Belle of the Brawl presents Wildcat Chris Harris.

Lekisha Oliver [Belle of the Brawl (BB)]: How did you get started wrestling?
Chris Harris (CH): How did I get started?

BB:  Yes.
CH:  Sitting about two feet from the TV.  Every Saturday morning.

BB:  Who was your favorite growing up?
CH: As a kid growing up watching [wrestling] when all the wrestlers were superheroes, like untouchable, like they werent even human. Randy Savage was always the hero to me, the one who was like God.  Still to this day, anytime Im around him I get those feelings.  Once I finally started getting into the business, and I started learning more about it, learning what to look for and started respecting how the guys work, just how much dedication there is into it, Bret Hart was really the one.  I didnt pattern myself after him. I have a lot of respect for him.  He was the one that I not only idolized, but just I love watching his matches and see how he worked them.  Ive learned a lot from him, too.

BB:  Thats great.  Who ended up training you when you first got started?
CH: I got started with a guy named Charlie Fulton, who did a few years in the WWF, many moons ago.  I trained with them for almost a year and did really good physically, as far as moves, counter-moves, things like that, I did really well, and I was from Cincinnati.  But once I got working a lot more, I stuck around the Cincinnati area and hooked up with a guy named Roger Ruffin, who referees a lot for the WWF. I started going to the training center he was running.  I kinda continued training and learned a lot about psychology and things like that and so I would probably have to say that Roger Ruffin had more of the training side with me, cause theres a lot with the psychology.  I mean anybody can learn the moves and how to fall, things like that, but I credit him for a lot of that training.  So it was a little bit of both.

BB:  Thats good.  Since some do not know your deal, how would you explain it to them?  Like your persona, in and out of the ring?  Are they similar?
CH: I would say, with me, a lot of it is.  I dont have, I guess, a so-called character like a lot of people do.  I guess if I had established one a long time ago, then I would have an in-ring character and an out of ring character.  Everybody I worked for always liked the Chris Harris they saw in the ring,
just me being myself, that Wildcat side of it. When I get in there, Im business.  Im real intense.  When the fans get behind me, that really fires me up.  I guess Im the same way outside the ring too.  If the fans are cool with me, that gets me excited, I like being around them and I like being around the
wrestling.  So Im about the same person in and out.  If you hate me in the ring, I guess Im going to be a d*** outside too.


BB:  What differences do you see from WCW to TNA thus far?
CH:  Well, the biggest difference is Im not wearing a security shirt so that helps.  For me personally, and a lot of people will tell you this, WCW was just run so poorly and I didnt really know the inside of it, but from the outside.  I would wrestle about once per week, Id get matches on TV, but there was never an opportunity given to me.  Were talking about opportunities, some people working for me, some that were keeping me down, so really nothing ever happened.  Then with TNA, these are the guys that I made connections with WCW.  A lot of those guys are part of TNA.  Jeff Jarrett for one and a lot of these guys saw a little bit of talent and they wanted to give me an opportunity its the biggest difference for me.  I feel that WCW signed me because they saw something, but I was never given the opportunity to go with it.  TNA sees that we do want to keep this guy and he might actually do something.  They have given me TV time and opportunity.  Im appreciative of that and thats where I want to go.  Well see what happens.
BB:  Thats good.  Any other comments you would like to make?
CH:  Wednesday nights, pay-per-view, TNA, keep watching. 

BB:  I appreciate that.  Thank you.
CH:  Thank you.
Keep watching for Chris Harris.  He will be back with this column for another interview soon.  In the meantime, catch him on NWA-TNA.

Chris Harris (right) and James Storm
Heading down the NWA TNA Trail.