Elizabeth Huelette 1960-2003
Wrestling Looses It's Smile


Wrestling Looses It's Smile


"The First Lady Of Wrestling" has left us.

On May 1st, the news went out around the world that the first lady of wrestling had passed away. This not only came as a shock to everyone but a tragedy of the world loosing another smile.

This smile was not like any other. The demure nature of Miss Elizabeth Ann Hulette always followed her around the ring. The classic beauty and the Southern charm were her weapons of choice in the early days. In May of 1985, Elizabeth began accompanying her off camera husband "Macho Man" Randy Savage to the ring. The striking beauty that managed the biggest of men made his strength shine against her mirror of truth. The smile that she gave to Randy showed that she had love inside her heart for her husband. Even through the tough times, she always had a smile.

The hard times behind the scenes were not shown to the public. A tough divorce would take Elizabeth out of the public view for over four years, presumably to find happiness in a normal life, which included a normal marriage and children.

With the wrestling urge in her blood, she returned in 1996 to WCW to join up with her then ex-husband Randy Savage and then the nWo. During her stint inside WCW the sweet little southern girl took a backseat to a new side of Elizabeths personality. The strong woman who got what she wanted.

Elizabeth would later be released from WCW, however she would have a place in our memories.


The wrestling world has been mourning the passing, including Elizabeths former husband, Randy Savage. When asked of Savages feelings, the Macho Man press core released the following: "I am deeply saddened by this news and our thoughts and prayers are with Elizabeths family." ~ Randy Savage."

Growing up as a small girl, I can remember looking up to the television and seeing a lovely woman walking out The Macho Man. Elizabeth was the woman that I looked up to, my hero. Her character reminded me so much of my aunt that I connected to her character. Every time that I watched wrestling, when she walked into the frame I would smile.

As I continued to grow up and she faded from the spotlight, Elizabeth always stuck in the back of my mind. Through all the storylines of wrestling she did not break down to some of the angles that are presented now. A constant lady would be in focus of her character.

When I started managing and writing I wanted to keep the same type of character, the kind woman that everyone looks up to. I will say that when I heard of her passing, it took me by total shock and surprise. At the age of 42, she still shown a grace and beauty that little possesses. But a tragic accident would take her from this world. Details are still unknown of how she passed away, but more details will be released when known.

Not only will her memory live on as she was the first real lady of the WWF she would hold the hearts and minds of her fans, her friends and her colleagues.

Elizabeth you will be remembered and remembered well. If only through the character that has been fashioned after you, but the memories and smiles that you have given every person that knew you.

God Bless You, Miss Elizabeth Ann Hulette.

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