Hammerjack and Charming Charles




On a chilly March night, the NWA Main Events Hardcore legend in the making, Hammerjack, and the manager of the millennium, Charming  Charles, decided to step outside to talk.  This interview goes into how much it takes to get to the top.  In this candid interview, these two strong-willed men tell their story.  Check out this interview.  Stop over at Charming Charless Website at www.charmingcharles.com or at www.nwamainevent.com to get some great information.  Without further ado, the Belle of the Brawl gives you Hammerjack and his manager, Charming Charles.


Lekisha Oliver [Belle of the Brawl (BB)]:  Lets get the introductions going.
Hammerjack (H): [Im] Hammerjack, the Disciple of Pain.
Charming Charles (CC): [Im] Charming Charles, the manager of the new millennium.

BB: How long have you been managing him?
CC: Its been five years now.
H: Five long years.

CC: Weve seen a lot of bodies crumble and a lot of bodies fall, and a lot of bodies in the future that
are ready to fall.
H: A lot of bodies in the parking lot. (Laughs).

BB: (laughs).
CC: Thats a lot of bodies.  Come here body. (Grabbed me for a hug.)
BB:  How long have either one of you been in the business?
CC: Ive been in it going on ten, and hes been in it going on ten, too.  We arrived at the same time.
H: Right.

BB: Yall get trained by the same people?
CC : Ill let him talk.
H: I was trained by the legend Gypsy Joe, the hardcore champion.

BB: Where did you get trained?
H: Madison, Tennessee, unfortunately.

BB: Like being from a little town south of here. What about you?
CC: I was trained by a guy named T. J. Weatherby and then I was helped by a masked guy by the name of Damien.

BB: Damien?
CC: Damien. He helped me a lot and he helped Hammerjack a lot too. He was also a student of Gypsy Joes.
H: I think I owe a lot of my training of Gypsy Joe, Tony Falk.  Then after, I worked with a few matches, Boogie Woogie Boy Garry Valiant, Rick Reynolds, Ben Jordan. Ben Jordan helped a lot.
CC: There are a lot of guys that guided us through. Ashley Hudson was one that taught me a lot, not about wrestling par say, but a lot about the business.  How to conduct yourself in a formal manner; a professional manner.

BB:  You do very well; work that crowd very well. Especially you.
CC:  Well, thank you.  You gotta remember I have been an entertainer for over thirty years.


BB: Really?
CC: "Yeah, Im a musician, and Ive played in several bands and Ive
always like the entertainment business. And when I found Hammerjack, I
knew. Its very seldom, especially in the music business, to find the
good-looking kid."

BB: He is.
CC: "But a mediocre singer, but to find a kid that is a good singer, a
good looker and can work the crowd.  Thats what I saw in him. A good-looking kid who knew what he was doing, but he wasnt polished yet. Its kinda like having a diamond.  Now look at him, hes the most feared grappler today."
H: "Hardcore. Hardcore. Yeah, Charles found me in the slummiest bar in
Tennessee. Weve had our hair pulled going to the ring for a match."
CC: "Oh gosh, it was terrible. Spit on, knives stuck in our face."
H: "Beer thrown in our face."
CC: "Bad breath in our face."

H: "All we had to do was open our mouth, wed be half drunk by the time
we got to the ring."
CC: "Its been a long and winding road. Finally there is light at the
end of the tunnel. There is a lot of good things. Were now doing TV in Nashville on Comcast Cable Channel 75."

H: "Every Saturday night."
CC: "Its the USWO, then Mike Porter has a show running on the same station at 4 p.m., and then there will be one coming out of Alabama.  You hear about that one?"

BB: Yeah, its coming out of my neck of the woods.
H: "I think were pretty much stepping up. Were on TV with the CCW in
Evansville, Indiana."
CC: "With Chris Champion."
H: "That will put us in four states right off the bat. Thats going into Kentucky and Indiana and Missouri. Five states."
CC: "And Illinois."
H: "That makes six states."

BB: Thats more exposure. The more exposure the better.
H: "Thats right."
CC: "Well, youve gotta be careful because exposure an cause cancer."
H: "And in Indiana, exposure can get you thrown in jail."
CC: (Laughs) "Yes, it can."
H: "Weve got a turtle buddy who can tell you that straight off the bat."

BB: Okay, I think Ill leave that question alone. How long have yall
been with Mike Porter?
CC: "Since October [2001]."

BB: October.
CC: "Yeah, we cam from the CCW, Columbia Championship Wrestling. Worked there for three years, and then we made the switch in October."
H: "Actually, I think that gave us a hell of a push in this town. Weve
really got our names out in Columbia. Now with the NWA having TV to
start out, that worked out a lot."
CC: "It definitely helped."
H: "It worked out a lot. There are a lot of places that we havent been, that well be going soon."


BB: Such as?
H: "My goal is Louisville, Kentucky, right now. Whether its for bigger
promotions or not. Hes from Louisville and I have family in
Louisville, so we could draw a pretty good crowd that."

BB: Thats good. Is there anything else that you wanted to talk about
or say?
CC: "Just to all the wrestlers and all the wanna-be wrestlers, were
coming after ya! Were here! And Just Gordon, youre just a thorn in my
side, little Osama Bin Laden looking guy. Doesnt he look like a camel
jockey, seriously?

BB: (laughs).
CC: "And these times of days, he can get his butt, oh Im going to say
it, his ass shot. You know what I mean? Hes a rag-head. He looks like a rag-head. We dont like rag-heads right now. I dont like my Twin Towers being knocked down. I dont like it."
: "So to all the rag-heads out there and all the
wanna-be wrestler out there, remember, you cant turn your back on the
team of Charming Charles and Hammerjack."


All pictures are courtesy of friends.  Thanks to Charles, Hammerjack, Sean, the PA crew and the Columbia crew!