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Questioning Loyalty in Wrestling 
Lekisha Oliver

Above all things in any sport, an athletes loyalty to the team is one of the top priorities.

Wrestlers have been asked many times where do your loyalties lie? To some, it is where the almighty dollar is stronger, but to others the loyalty is shown in how well the wrestlers are taken care of and whether or not a sense of strength is built behind the training that was had. The strength of that loyalty shows through to the fans.

Do the wrestlers come to the shows and wrestle to the best of their ability?

How well does each person who walks through that curtain wonder what lies in greener pastures?

These types of questions are pondered in a locker room many days. Inside that locker room and inside the people in there, have to wonder what others are doing in other locker rooms at the same time and look towards their choices. But some companies have employees that will not even look towards any other opportunity that comes their way.

There are individuals that are nationally known that are still as unwavering about their company and are still trusted as the day they signed the contracts. WWE has several people who have been like that.

One such would be the Undertaker (Mark Callaway). Callaway has been with WWE for over thirteen years. That amount of time has entrusted the Dead Man throughout the entire company. As one of the veterans backstage, he sets the tone for the new blood in the company, such as John Cena and Brock Lesner, to look towards as the future. That type of loyalty has allowed Callaway to hold his position with the company through storyline changes and makeover changes that havent been as successful. The look and the help of the company are some things that have made his stay as long as it has been.

Others along the way, such as Triple H (Paul Levesque) and Kane (Glen Jacobs) have also been along for the long haul.

Levesque has turned his loyalty for the company and the family that runs the company and has turned it into his own family. With his real-life fiancée Stephanie McMahon and Levesques wedding imminent, he has proven his loyalty to the entire McMahon clan, even after being looked upon as a possible traitor.

Triple H had been looked down upon after the now infamous Kliq good-bye several years ago, but he had to prove that he could stay where he would be the most useful, WWE.

How loyal a wrestler is to a company also proves how far he can go in a company.

To all wanna-be wrestlers, pay attention to these words if you want to make it in a business. Do not step on any toes, but be as loyal as possible. Like the old song lyric goes, Dance with the one that brought you.