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Most people who watch World Championship Wrestling know the laughing maniac of Hugh Morris or the strong leader of MIA named General Rection. But what these people do not know is the man under those personas there is a strong, family man named Bill DeMott. In this interview that I was privileged to do before SuperBrawl Revenge on February 18th with Bill DeMott. So sit back and enjoy one of the best people on the face of the earth and after you do, make sure you visit his website.

Lekisha Oliver: I would like to thank you for doing this interview. Its my honor.
Bill DeMott aka Hugh Morrus: Youre welcome.

Lekisha: First off, I would like to ask you about your family. Would you like to tell me about you wife and children?
HMorrus:What can I say about them, they are all smaller than me. (laughs) I have been with my wife since I was 19. I think she knows more about wrestling than I do. Shes sat through a lot. Shes been through a lot of rough stuff, the typical wrestlers story bouncing at night and weekends to know how to hit those ropes. I am blessed with two daughters and a wife which they look forward to me coming home.

Lekisha: How old are your daughters?
HMorrus: My daughters are seven and six, Casey and Carrie. Theyre good girls.

Lekisha: Do they do any dance?
HMorrus: My oldest daughter, Casey, is competing right now where she is representing Florida in a jazz team. My little one just performs in the den, performs and makes a mess. (laughs)

Lekisha: Well, at least she gives her own personal show.
HMorrus: Yeah, she gives me her own personal show.

Lekisha: Ive read several interviews that you have done about the injuries that you have sustained, how many have you had and what are their circumstances? And are you at 100%?
HMorrus: HM: I dont think I am at 100%. I dont know about too many guys who are. Unless you have the right amount of time to heal, I dont think youll ever be at 100% and entertainment will kill you. As far as my injuries, I have a folder at home where I can keep track, thats how many there are.
The most publicized and the most major ones were the concussions and brain damage. Six concussions in like four weeks time. That caused me to loose my vision, and occasionally I loose the use of my right arm. Just I cant explain it. It was just one bad year, then last year I came back really strong, the knees are bionic, I wear these two big braces.
But I feel good. Physically, Im about 85-90%. I feel better than I have been in the past two years. I feel like Im getting a second wind again.

Lekisha: There were some questions from the fans. One question was about your sports experience. What did you do before wrestling in high school or college?
HMorrus: In high school, it was football, wrestling, track and I was one of the first male cheerleaders in New Jersey, which explains the backflips. College was football and wrestling and I started to play a little semi-pro ball. Thats the first time I broke my knee was in college, which goes back way before wrestling and then I just got into wrestling a couple years after that.

Lekisha: At least you were motivated?
HMorrus: I guess my dad was motivated. I just wanted to sit at home at 19 years old, I was tired. I didnt want to compete at anything anymore. You cant be 62, 340 pounds and have your dad say, No really go ahead and sit down. He put to much time into it, but it worked out and I always give him a hug for that.

Lekisha: Youll always love them for pushing you like that.
HMorrus: Yeah, its kinda cool.


Lekisha: Preparing for matches, like you are fixing to head into a pay per view tonight (SuperBrawl Revenge). What do you do to prepare emotionally, psychologically and physically?
HMorrus: I start to get dressed about five hours before the show, which is something I have done from Mexico and Japan. I just do my own thing, everyone just sits and plays cards. Everybody sits and plays cards, theres a lot of time to kill, so if you have done your live shots or interviews or your pretaped shots, you have a lot of downtime to spend. I bring my music with me. I sit and talk with several guys. Otherwise, I just kinda fuzz out for hours. About an hour before the show, I get worked up and attempt to look like I know what I am doing when I walk down the ramp.

Lekisha: While you were in the minors, what kind of jobs did you have and how did you get your big break?
HMorrus: I didnt have much independent background. I went right from training to Germany to Puerto Rico to Japan to Mexico. I was lucky for that time, I guess. I just learned as I went along. As far as coming to WCW, Kevin Sullivan and I were friends from Japan and we worked together. People dont realize how many guys are out there. I was born and raised in New Jersey and never wrestled in the States. I did wrestle a little in ECW before I went back to Japan. I wasnt happy here in the states. I got used to that rhythm and style over in Japan and Mexico, thats what I was accustomed to. I just got a phone call one day and was asked to come to Macon, Georgia. And thats it I was in WCW.

Lekisha: It seems like Kevin (Sullivan) helped a lot.
HMorrus: Yeah, Ive been blessed like that. I knew Rocco Rock from Public Enemy. From day one, he always made sure I was doing something, you know. If there was a trip, he made sure I was on it. Even when I didnt even know how to lace my boots, he made sure. So between Rocco and Jimmy Hart and Kevin Sullivan, they go me here. A lot of people have taken credit for getting me here, but it was Sullivan. I had nothing to do with it either. I was just a chubby guy who just happened to be at the right place at the right time.

Lekisha: Do you have any hobbies?
HMorrus: I spend most of my time cutting trees down around my house. That relaxes me. I fish a lot. Im in the gym twice a day and I just like to spend time with my kids when I am home. Its sad because I dont have time for hobbies. But when I do, I just veg out. I have two dogs and I watch them. The craziness on television, I dont bring that home with me. Its just the opposite. Crazy nut with eyes wide open stays there. When I get off the plane, Im like a mouse. I just go to try and find my truck and stay quiet.

Lekisha: With your schedule, I dont see how you do that.
HMorrus: The past couple years have been real rough. This year is starting to feel like a normal schedule.

Lekisha: Im still surprised that your company does two shows in one night. I dont know how you all do that.
HMorrus: Thats kinda strange. I dont know how people sit through that and know its two different shows. Its harder if you know you are on the first hour of Nitro and them on the last hour of Thunder. Theres a lot of naptime in there.

Lekisha: Bring you a cot and a pillow.
HMorrus: You get used to sleeping in those foldout chairs.


Lekisha: Okay, heres an interesting one, if you were asked to appear in a movie, who would you want to appear with and what kind of movie would you like to appear in?
HMorrus: I did "Waterboy" with Adam Sandler, but I ended up on the cutting room floor, thirty-two powerbombs later. I have one from the people at "Police Academy", they have one coming out, theres a big script sitting at home. I guess I just fit that comedy role. I dig the slapstick stuff.

Lekisha: Drama?
HMorrus: Nah, I have all the drama I need in that six hours a night. I like things light and comical. Thats me in a nutshell.

Lekisha: So you were the class comic?
HMorrus: Yeah. I always blame it on someone else, thats why I have Lash around, so now I just point at Lash. (laughs) Now Im a grown man, so I have to blame someone. Yeah the young kid did it. (laughs)

Lekisha: With all the books and autobiographies flying around, would you consider writing one?
HMorrus: Yeah. I have a whole bunch of stuff in my laptop. Every now and them I go and belt out a couple of pages and its been talked about over the past year since I was out and thought I was going to retire. Its like, Okay, hes going to retire, get his opinion. But I just dont believe in that stuff. Everybody has got a book now. And if you can sell it, cool. But to me, we are in a business where we make a good living and just to capitalize on everyone writing a book, then pretty soon it doesnt mean anything.
I think mine will not be a tell all and stooge guys out, but give the straight up story.
Yeah, I have it in my laptop. Its interesting when I go back and read it. So yeah Im interested in doing that. You never know, may it will come out.

Lekisha: It would be an interesting read. Do you have a title for it?
HMorrus: Yeah. Its going to be titled, The Last Laugh.

Lekisha: I figured it would be No Laughing Matter.
HMorrus: Its not either. (Laughs). Make sure Im out of the country when that comes out.

Lekisha: You said that you work out twice a day, what is your routine?
HMorrus: I dont know, I dont see any results from it (laughs). I do most of my cardio in the morning. It just makes it easier to split it up. You can lift and a lot of these smaller guys can ride the bike and lift all day long, but Im not built for that. So I have to break it up with the bike or any cardiovascular work in the morning, then go back in the afternoon and lift weights.

Lekisha: How much do you press?
HMorrus: Depending on the day and how much rest, Im a steady 500 pounds. But Im in the top ten strength wise.

Lekisha: If you were offered a shot up in the WWF tomorrow, would you consider it?
HMorrus: I had a tryout up there when Jerry Jarrett, Jeffs dad, worked up there right after Japan. It went real well, but when I got back home, I learned that Jerry had left the WWF. There went the WWF.
I have a little over nine months left on my contract here, but right now, I would say, yeah I would go. I would like to wait and see with this new company first. I have been with them at the top and definitely at the bottom. I kinda have that loyalty deal. Thats why I stayed the extra three years. Because this is where I started. I was the same way with Japan and Mexico. It was hard to leave. These guys got your name out there. It will be interesting how it all works out.

Lekisha: I would actually like to see you out there wrestling with the WWF guys.
HMorrus: Yeah, I hear that a lot. Probably work wise Id fit in up there, not like I dont fit here, cause I love these guys. I think that everyone needs to work for both federations. We have guys that have worked up there and they are now here. The young guys are thinking that, but the grass isnt always greener. But I talked with a lot of guys who thought that they would have the world.

Lekisha: Their work schedule is about as bad as yours.
HMorrus: Yeah, they go. A lot of people think its two different companies, but its the same operation with two different names.

Lekisha: If there were an inter-federation pay per view, who would you like to face?
HMorrus: Ive worked with all the Radicalz and Jericho. I would love to mix it up with them again. I know of all the guys, Id like to mix it up with HHH and the Undertaker. Ive met them and all, but I would like to face them. I think I could take the rest of them.

Lekisha: Word association time. I have a list of names and tell me the first thought that comes to mind.
HMorrus: Okay.

Lekisha: First off, Vince McMahon.

HMorrus: Wrestling, top wrestling, star maker.

Lekisha: Vince Russo.

HMorrus: Visionary.

Lekisha: HHH.

HMorrus: The future of wrestling.

Lekisha: Goldberg.

HMorrus: A mans man, true to his word.

Lekisha: Ric Flair.


Lekisha: The Rock.

HMorrus: Electrifying, charisma.

Lekisha: Hugh Morrus.

HMorrus: Maniac.

Lekisha: General Rection.

HMorrus: Leader.

Lekisha: And finally you personally, Bill DeMott.

HMorrus: Family man.

Lekisha: Any comments to the fans, to the readers, to people in general?
HMorrus: A play on words huh. (laughs). I dont know what I can say that I havent said over the past nine months. Im shocked and thankful for the response Ive gotten after being here for six years. You know a name change, a pair of goofy pants and a bandana made a world of difference. It made a champion and tag team champion out of me. Im just blessed with the way things have been done over the last year, especially with the Misfits its been great and thank you to everyone. I hope I dont disappoint anyone or myself.

Lekisha: Thank you so much.
HMorrus: Thank you.
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Special thanks to Hugh and Bunny for everything! You guys helped make a nervous and exciting situation wonderful. Thank you.