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Break out the red, white and blue, folks, it’s time for the Great American Bash.


World Wrestling Entertainment will finally hold it’s first Bash in five years with eight matches announced for this Sunday’s card.  With controversy following one of the matches, the other seven matches have to at least step up for the challenge to make it in the press as well.  The mentioned match is of course Muhammad Hassan with Davari taking on the Undertaker.  


After making headlines around the world, World Wrestling Entertainment found out that UPN would no longer showcase Hassan on it’s programming and insisting that WWE make the required changes to keep SmackDown on the air.  With the attacks to the Undertaker happening just hours before the terrible tragedy in London, SmackDown did release advisories all throughout the show to warn the viewers that there would be questionable television during the night.  However, with some people suggesting that the segment should have been pulled, it was not Hassan’s fault that this is happening, however, with his character, and Davari’s character as well, being played as a scapegoat for this incident, the match between Hassan and The Undertaker on Sunday night will not only be one of great wrestling skill with Hassan taking on one of the WWE’s veterans, but a poetic burial, so to speak, of Hassan and Davari’s on-screen characters.  Whether or not this does happen, it will be interesting to see what exactly WWE will do with the men behind these characters.


Along with this match, WWE World Champion, Batista will put his title up on the line against former WWE Champion, John Bradshaw Layfield.  While Layfield had been played up to be the next new SmackDown champion, Batista brought his own version of a champion to the locker room and ringside.  With Layfield running his own version of “Great Americans Throughout History”, he is getting himself into more of a tough-man competition instead of a political debate.  This match should be very hard hitting and interesting to see if the situation with the bWo makes any impact on this match.


Speaking of the blue boys, the bWo announced earlier that they would take on the Mexicools.  With the new version of the boys hitting the screen, it will be interesting to see this match.  With the bWo trying to gain some steam off of the Meanie-Layfield situation, the bWo has the perfect chance to showcase the talents, which made them so popular in ECW.  Along with Mexicools trying to actually make a bleep on the radar, this match should be looked upon more of a who will be in the future type of match.  Juvi, Super Crazy and Psychosis make up a very formidable team of lucha action while the bWo has the strength, the speed and the experience of Stevie Richards, The Blue Meanie, and Super Nova.  Going to be interesting to see who will advance in this situation.


Chris Benoit has been champion in WCW and WWE.  He has been to the mountaintop, to quote Ric Flair, and has seen the promised land.  However, with the trade to SmackDown, Benoit has finally gotten another chance to show the world that he is the champion that he was trained to be.  One of the best technical wrestlers in the history of this industry, Jordan will have a lot to learn from this veteran.  Watch this match to see if Jordan is ready to advance further than mid-card and into the top level.


WWE Tag Champions, MNM, have succeeded in bringing a fresh breeze into SmackDown’s tag team division.  With the former Tough Enough III champion, along with one of the seasoned veterans of the squared circle, Johnny Nitro and Joey Mercury have got the talent and the charisma to hold onto these titles for quite some time, plus adding in former Miss California, Melina, doesn’t hurt the process.  But this Sunday, MNM will have to put the titles up on the line against Heidenrich and one of the best tag team wrestlers in the world, Road Warrior Animal.  Animal, who has not held a WWE title since 2003 when he and his then partner, the late Michael Hegstrand, defeated Kane and Rob Van Dam. “ Heidenreich and I win every match as a team, but we always win with the spirit of Hawk there with us,” Animal said in a recent interview with “It’s really three against two with Hawk’s presence there with us in spirit form. We’ve got our guardian angel in Hawk sitting up on my shoulder pad on one of those spikes. He’s always there for us. Hawk and I — whether we were together or separate — we had a presence with each other.”


Other matches announced for the night include a barn-burner with Eddie Guerrero taking on Rey Mysterio.  With Eddie holding something soap-operaish over Rey’s head, it’s going to be hard to figure out whether or not this will continue in the long soap opera timeline or would it be finished up quick.  Either way, this match will be one of the best of the night.  Christian vs. Booker T.  This match alone is going to be interesting.  Christian is ready to be up at the top level, but something seems to be in his way, Booker T namely.  Hopefully Christian will show the SmackDown pay-per-view audience what he showed to the RAW brand, an eagerness to succeed and a willingness to do what it takes to get to the top.  Add in Melina vs. Torrie Wilson in a Bra and Panties match to the mix and that tops out the card for Great American Bash.


This year, the GAB is going to be shown for free for the brave men and women of the armed services, just a token of gratitude from the WWE.  While some are saying that this pay-per-view isn’t going to be one of the best, some of the matches could shock the average fan into believing in miracles.


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