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Where is the Heart?
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Where is the Heart?

There has been good news, bad news and great news in the sport of wrestling over the past couple of weeks. 


The good news is that someone else has finally gotten to World Wrestling Entertainment and has shown that there are still extreme fans in the audience.


The bad news is that the fans are not seeing totally what they would like and the great news?  Well, I’m out of school and ready to write again!


I know that may not be great news to some, but to me, it’s a new release onto the scene.  Now with everyone harping and haloing the new ECW, there are fans that can not stomach the new product. 


After talking with a few of them the other night, these fans did not like it at all.  They said that it was watered down WCW-ish ECW.  In other words, people trying to look hardcore and then failing miserably in the attempt.  While watching all the ECW shows, thus far, and then going back with the library the wrestler living in my house has, it is weak!  Yes, I said weak!  Even though there are tables, chairs, ladders and more house wares than Home Depot can keep in stock, the heart of the old company just isn’t there.


ECW’s heart lay within the fans and the excitement that both the wrestlers and the fans brought to the show.  Now don’t get me wrong, I like a good brow beating myself once in a while, but this time, there is no brow and the beating looks like a spanking. 


Maybe I’ve been around too much archive footage lately, but the ECW that I have seen had an edge and a style that always was copied but never did duplicate properly. 


There are positives to this copy.  A handful of new superstars are getting to try on WWE’s idea of extreme.  One of which is former TNA Knockout Trinity.  Now that she is finally on the scene with a better path for her and her background, more ladies need to be brought in with her.  Trinity has the athletic background and the brass to go out and perform some moves that are not tried.  Remember all, she is a professional stunt woman and has done it all and seen it all.  She is not timid nor is she shy, but she is ready to break out and show the WWE fans what the TNA fans saw:  fearlessness. 


The fearlessness that she brings to the table, adds onto the tough and strong groups of the FBI.  Little Guido is one of the toughest wrestlers in the entire business.  Being trained by the same individual as William Regal, legend Billy Robinson, Little Guido will not take no for an answer.  Do not allow his 5’9” frame to fool you; the shoot style that Robinson taught was nothing short of brutal.


While missing one member of the Full Blooded Italians in Tracy Smothers, the FBI will be one of the forces holding up ECW. 


This show will be on life support with the fans for a while, but keep watching to see if it will finally code blue, go into a coma or kick the doctor out of the room and walk out.