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Updates from the fire


I know, Anthony has been doing all the updates as of late, but I wanted to put one of these out myself.

Honestly, the last week has been filled with saddness and heartbreak, but it has also been filled with answered prayers and miracles. The kindness and the support of each person we know has been nothing short of a gift from above. Our phones have hardly had time to charge without one of our friends checking in on us or asking if we need anything.

Honestly, the acts of kindness have sincerely touched my heart and my soul. Not only have these prayers helped, but it will help us in the road ahead when we rebuild our lives and try to regain that since of safety that we once had.

Speaking of safety, after speaking with the management at our apartment complex, the fire marshall has finally made his way into what is left of our building. He will make his final walkthrough / investigation in the morning and the results will be known in about a month. Consequentally, the building that us along with other families inhabited will be torn down around that time and will be rebuilt. After being asked if we would like our apartment back down the line, it's safe to say that "No Thank you" is quite enough.

Onto the next thing, yes we are getting along, but a little slower than before. With all of Anthony's wrestling gear gone, along with all of mine, it will take us some time to get back to the ring, especially me. Anthony will be back sooner than we all think, but that is him. I'm still trying to make a few decisions as to what I would like to do in the future when it comes to wrestling. While we have been asked to go to different shows, it is up to him where he wrestles, right now, I'm just the support and backing to go along until I have made a final decision. Currently, school and work and rebuilding my life have a front seat and wrestling is on the back burner. Please know that I do love wrestling and I will continue to love the sport, but it takes something this drastic to make a person really realize that life has a higher calling and that we all have our own decisions to make.

The question of the week has been do we need anything? At this moment, it is prayers. In the future, we will be moving back into the Arbours, for the time being, with the help of our work and our family and our friends. If anyone would like to help us move, email and I'll give you a time and place. ;)

I know that this little rant, well not that little anymore, has stretched on a little bit, but everyone please know that I am still here, but just a little more sad than before. So give me time to become the bubble spirited soul that I had been and we will all be great.

Thank you all one more time and make sure to hug your loved ones as tight as possible and make as many memories that your mind can hold.

Lots of love...