Interview with Jade


Lekisha F. Oliver


Recently I had the privilege to interview Jade. This young lady has a lot of potential and has the fire to win. Even though she has sweet looking face, she can be a dangerous opponent. I talked with her about everything from her background to her favorite wrestler growing up. Dont forget to check out her website. The address is:  http://jadeswrestling.tripod.com

(Belle of the Brawl) BB: Hi. How are you?
JADE: hey. I'm good.

BB: Where to start...
JADE: You are the pro!

BB: Okay...Let's start with the basics...Where did you train?
JADE: King Cobra promotions trained me, I still train to keep my
abilities sharp.

BB: Which state?
JADE: Spring Hill, TN

BB: Cool. Not far from me...umm...how long did you train?
JADE: Well, for about 8 months, but still on to of things top of things.

BB: Okay...how would you explain your wrestling style?
JADE: Heel all the way I have recently adopted the high fly roll.

BB: So, you're more of a high-flyer?
JADE: Yes, I do hurricanranas off the top rope, I am working on my
moonsault and I also to flips and things of that nature.

BB: That's cool. Which was the hardest move to learn?
JADE: The moonsault. You have to learn it without dislocating your

BB: True. Did you go to college?
JADE: Unfortunately not. I still want to though.

BB: What would you want to study?
JADE: Criminology.. I love to figure out who dun it.

BB: Sherlock Holmes type huh...
JADE: Well not really, I would love to know what makes crazy people

BB: Psychology type of stuff. Do you use some psychology in your
JADE: Yes, I love it all I like to think so. No one can figure me out.
Playing the crowd takes a lot of psycology

BB: It truly does. Takes a strong mind to control the crowd. What kind
of tricks do you use?
JADE: Anything from using chains to choking to tripping to laughing.

BB: Sometimes the classic stuff works best.
JADE: Always. Nothing makes a person madder than to laugh at them.

BB: I know that...What about partners? Do you have a partner?
JADE: No girls, just me and sugar daddy and the candyman - The Candy

BB: So youre called the Candy Shoppe. Who came up with it?
JADE: All of us

BB: So it works...which federation do you wrestle for?
JADE: WWA World Of Wrestling Association.. King Cobra Promotions.

BB: It runs out of Spring Hill?
JADE: Yes, and Lewisburg. You should check it out and do a piece on us
September 30 at the National Guard Armory in Lewisburg.

BB: I should. That's about two weeks from now. I'll try
JADE: It's called Playground Paybacl, 8PM - that's belltime.

BB: What's the storyline behind it? Revenge type of thing?
JADE: OH GOSH, Its an ongoing battle between me King Cobra, Sugar Daddy and The Candyman. I will be in a 3 way battle for the first ever

BB: Very cool. Who is your opponent?
JADE: Candyman is fighting Barricade in a playground type scene.
SugarDaddy and King Cobra.

BB: That's a new one.
JADE: That's what makes us great.

BB: Unique.
JADE: Very, our shows are very cool. Half of our profits go to a charity
called Save Our American Youth
BB: That is very noble.
JADE: We are a noble team.

BB: Sounds like it. Did you grow up watching wrestling?
JADE: Oh yes, I have loved since I can remember. That's what made me
want to become a wrestler.

BB: Which federations?
JADE: Well, mainly the USWA Jerry Jarrett used to promote the Nashville
scene. I used to go to their shows. That's when WWF came on the scene.
You could only watch them on TV at the time. Live shows were few and far

BB: I watched them too. They came out of Memphis. Did you see them when
they came here?
JADE: Yes every weekend.

BB: So did I. Watched it with my father. Who was your favorite out of
that federation?
JADE: Bill Dundee.

BB: Bill Rocked. What did you like about him?
JADE: He was always the most entertaining to me.

BB: I remember, especially that Jackie Fargo strut.
JADE: Which he stole. That's part of what made him great.

BB: Yeah. I remember him and Jeff Jarrett and Jerry Lawler. Mostly.
JADE: He was a great heel

BB: What about WWF?
JADE: They were the ones who stuck around the longest! What do you want
to know?

BB: Who was your favorite?
JADE: Now or then?

BB: Either or both
JADE: Back then it was The Hart Foundation, now it is The Rock. I have
been on the Rock train since he was with The Nation of Domination.

BB: What made them your favorites?
JADE: They were so nasty and mean I have always loved the heels. The
Rock just shout style and charisma!

BB: They make the wrestling world more interesting. Is that why you
decided to be a heel?
JADE: Yes and its more fun. People love to see the good guy against the
bad guy.


BB: Really. It's always more fun to be the bad guy. You get to do more stuff to other people.
JADE: Yes, you can just flat out kick them down if you want to.

BB: Yep. What about the WCW?
JADE: Don't like it. It just doesn't hold my attention.

BB: Do you think it will recover?
JADE: If they can kick all the old guys that are trying to stay young

BB: You'd rather have the veterans around?
JADE: Hell no. Not when they are 60 trying to be 20

BB: What kind of hobbies do you have?
JADE: I love water sports and baseball. I coach my sons little league

BB: That's neat. What do they think of their mom?
JADE: My son spilled a coke on my keyboard! I only have 1 son and he
thinks I am the greatest.

BB: He likes the persona?
JADE: Yep.

BB: Did you do any sports in high school?
JADE: Just softball I did gymnastics while I was growing up.

BB: That is cool.
JADE: I know.

BB: What did your folks say when you told them you wanted to be a
JADE: They knew it from the start. They have always been on my side. My
husband is the one whom i had to convince.

BB: He objected?
JADE: IN A BIG WAY...But now he wrestles too.

BB: Now that is a big turnaround.
JADE: Womanly wiles.

BB: Oh..It works every time.
JADE: Just a little sweet talking

BB: Which name does he use?
JADE: He is Sugar Daddy!

BB: What do you think of wrestling now? Some people think that it is a
little too violent than it was when we were children. What do you think?
JADE: I think it is all in how you perceive it. No i don't think it is
too violent but if you do then don't watch.

BB: Good point. Do you let your son watch it?
JADE: you are the only one who can control your children. It's not
wrestling that is the influence it is whether you let them watch or not
and how you control it afterwards. Yes I let my son watch and he knows
not to be trying anything.

BB: Very good answer.
JADE: That's how I feel! He knows he can get hurt trying things he hasn't been trained to do.

BB: Speaking of trying things...what was your scariest moment?
JADE: Flying off the top rope. I am scared of heights!

BB: Still fighting that fear?
JADE: Sometimes, I still get shakey!

BB: It will take a while to get past those fears. Have you ever faced an
opponent that you were actually afraid of?
JADE: Only if they don't know what they are doing. But to actually be
afraid, sure if you have never wrestled that person before and you don't
know their style.

BB: Very good answer. What are your future plans?
JADE: Simply to be the BEST!

BB: Have you thought about which federation you would like to be in and
JADE: I would love to work for the WWF. They are the best in the business and that's where I want to be.

BB: What about the ECW? They are more extreme. Thought about their
JADE: A little too extreme for me. I'm not in this to get myself hurt permanently

BB: That's a good way to see it.
JADE: I wanna make money. I don't want to spend my money on hospital

BB: Hehe! What are your thoughts on female wrestlers that get involved
in title matches and wrestling them in a singles match, for example,
JADE: I think Chyna sets an example for all women in this business. She
knew what she wanted and she went after it and got it. As for the women
in title matches against men well....look at me I have no objections!

BB: Have you done some singles matches with guys?
JADE: Not yet, but wait until Playground Payback. I'm in there with 2
men....wrestling against them!

BB: Cool. Any predictions?
JADE: Well I have some but that is my secret. I hope I win!

BB: Have faith and you will.
JADE: All the faith in the world isn't going to help me against these guys. I just have to be the tougher opponent.

BB: Well that is true. What did you think of being on G.L.O.R.Y?
JADE: I think it is a good opportunity to get exposure!

BB: Thanks. Come back anytime.

You can visit Jade's website at http://www.jadeswrestling.com

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