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Interview with Johnny Heartbreaker


Lekisha F. Oliver


If anyone goes to any independent shows in the Northeast part of the United States, a newcomer could wrestle before you and you would not know anything about him. I thought I may introduce you to one of the hottest new stars in the Northeastern Untied States, Johnny Heartbreaker. He talks about his sports experience, his acting experience, and why in the world he would want to join up with wrestling. Still back and enjoy this interview and when you are finished, make sure you all check out his website at

Lekisha Oliver (Belle of the Brawl) BB: Thanks for doing this
interview, first off.
Johnny Heartbreaker JH: Thank you for having me, I appreciate it

BB: Cool. So let's start with your background. Where are you from?
JH: Westchester, New York.

BB: What kind of sports or arts did you do when you were younger?
JH: I played a lot of baseball and basketball, I took up a little
karate, as well.

BB: Any records or wins while in your younger years?
JH: I was never really serious about sports, I always played more for recreation and fun. Competition never really entered the equation.

BB: Good answer. The competition came later. Any acting?
JH: I was in my school plays in high school.

BB: What plays did you do?
JH: I was in Grease and Carousel.

BB: Both excellent plays.
JH: Absolutely and they went very well.

BB: Which parts did you play?
JH: I was Kenicke in Grease, and Carousel I was an extra with some lines.

BB: Cool. You have the acting and the sports background. What put the wrestling idea into your head?
JH: Well I always followed it, even in its dark days, and right about the time Shawn Micheals was doing his boyhood dream gimmick, it set a spark in me.

BB: So Shawn was one of your inspirations?
JH: Absolutely, I would say the biggest one. I said to myself, if he could do it, then so could I.

BB: Who else were your favorites?
JH: Bret Hart was definitely another one of my favorites, his matches never did anything fancy, but he told a story, and looking back at him, I can now understand why he was so great.

BB: He's a legend. Have you gotten to meet any of your inspirations in person?
JH: When I was about 12 I got to meet both of them at the WWF old fanfests.

BB: Very cool. Evidently the impression that they made was a very good one.
JH: Yes, and being a kid and meeting them absolutely made my day back then.


BB: Been there with a few people myself. What about formal training,
when did you start your formal wrestling training?
JH: I began training up in Chicopee, Massachusetts in the fall of my sophomore year of college.

BB: Who trained you? And what was your schedule?
JH: I was, and still continue to be trained by Kevin Landry. I would make the two hour drive up to Mass. about twice a week and still do to this day.

BB: Nothing closer?
JH: Nothing better :-)

BB: Oh. So he pretty much beat the hell out of ya and sent ya back to study?
JH: Yeah, in the beginning it was very hard to keep up with my studies.

BB: Did your school work falter because of your training?
JH: To be honest, I would have to say that if I didn't wrestle, my grades would be better, but I still do very well.

BB: Cool. And what are you majoring in?
JH: My major is business administration with a concentration in sports management.

BB: So you have something to use in the future, just in case you have problems with your manager or booker.
JH: Yeah, I will always have a nice college degree to fall back on.

BB: That's very important. How much longer do you like to finish?
JH: I'll be graduating in May of 2002.

BB: Not far away. Are you excited?
JH: Excited yes, but it will be a sad time also, leaving all that
behind, friends, etc.

BB: That's true. Take it from someone who knows.
JH: College is the best times of your life, and by the time you turn around, it's all over.

BB: Then it's time to actually go out and work.
JH: Yeah, into the real world.

BB: Speaking of real world, what do you think of "Tough Enough"?
JH: I think it's a nice concept, and will teach the fans firsthand how hard it is to make it as a wrestler.

BB: Do you see success with it?
JH: I see success in just about anything Vince McMahon does.

BB: What about the recent rumors about the XFL and Vince backing out? Do you think they are true?
JH: I haven't heard about them, but if the XFL doesn't do well, its not because he didn't try his best, he tried to give the people something new and different, I still think it will be a success.

BB: I am hopeful about the whole thing. The games are good, and classic. The way football was supposed to be.
JH: Football is football, and fans will watch it.

BB: True. Tell me about your character.
JH: Well at first I had the whole prettyboy heel thing, and I thought I would do that, but everyone looked at me and said, you got the babyface look. As most successful gimmicks, all I am is an extension of my personality. I'm a fiery, good-looking babyface. Who thinks he's good, and knows he is. I have a little bit of an edge as well.

BB: So are you a high-flyer or a technical?
JH: I try to use both qualities equally, the main thing I try to be in the ring is quick. I can fly and I can wrestle as well, it depends on the opponent.

BB: Who were your toughest opponents?
JH: Well the first one that stands out in my mind is King Kong Bundy.

BB: He's really interesting. Especially when I am interviewing him this week.
JH: He's a great guy, just not when you gotta wrestle him, lol.

BB: I wouldn't know. But I have a feeling he's a lot taller than me
JH: Yeah, that is a good assumption.

BB: lol. What about federations, which one would you rather go to? WCW or WWF? And why?
JH: Well being raised in the northeast, I never grew up to a lot of WCW. So I always followed WWF a lot more, and it was always my dream to make it there and the way the WWF is going right now, if your a wrestler, that's where you want to be.

BB: Who would you like to face in the WWF?
JH: I would love to get in the ring with guys like Chris Beniot, Dean Malenko, HHH, but all in all I'd love to face any of them, they are all tremendous talents.

BB: What about the WCW? Anyone there?
JH: I would like to wrestle Elix Skipper, Lance Storm, any of the young talent there, I see a lot of good things from them if WCW plays their cards right.

BB: Which federations do you work for?
JH: I currently work for WWA, NEW, NAWA, YPK, APW, NYSWF, MWA, and am in negioations with several others in the northeast.

BB: What about championships?
JH: It is tough for me because my weight right now would put me in the lightweight divisions, but with my actual build a lot of times I get put up against the big boys.  I just wrestle who they put in front me, if a title's there, fine, if not, then that's cool. My time will come.

BB: Patience is a virtue.
JH: Exactly.

BB: Only thing left is a word association thing. Okay. Let's start out with Vince McMahon.
JH: Mastermind.

BB: Vince Russo.
JH: Confusing.

JH: As good as he says he is.

BB: Hulk Hogan.
JH: No matter what, will always be the most recognizable name in the business.

BB: Stone Cold Steve Austin.
JH: No one has more heart.

BB: Ric Flair.
JH: One of the greatest of all time.

BB: The Rock.
JH: The most over superstar in history.

BB: Sting.
JH: Should have went back to the old sting.

BB: And you, Johnny Heartbreaker.
JH: Determination unmatched, the hardest working wrestler on the planet.

BB: Any other comments?
JH: It was always my dream to be a wrestler, and I will not stop until I make it. I want to prove that you can do anything you want in this world if you want it bad enough.

BB: That's cool. Thanks for taking time out of your schedule for this interview.
JH: No problem, thank you

I would personally like to thank Johnny for doing this interview. Make sure you check out his website at