Pandora Boxxx
Interview with Pandora Boxxx


Interview with Pandora Boxxx

Interview with Pandora Boxxx
Lekisha F. Oliver


Gothic, mysterious and powerful are three words to describe Pandora Boxxx. This British grappler came to the NWA Main Event to not only bring
a touch of English class and brass, she brought a lot of strength and power with her. The NWA-UKs own Pandora Boxx will be a force to be reckoned with in the future. Enjoy this interview. Afterwards, go check out the pics of this bright star in the British NWA on my website.

Lekisha Oliver [Belle of the Brawl {BB}]: Thank you for doing this interview. First off would you like to
tell us about your character, in and out of the ring name, stats?
Pandora Boxxx {PB}: Im Pandora Boxxx, my outer ring name is Rachel. My stats are: Im 5 foot 7, 10.5 stone, and Ive been wrestling for four years.
Im a submission wrestler and a shoot fighter, with a mix of martial arts. I tend to be more aggressive in the ring than most.

BB:  Especially for a lady.
PB:  Oh yes. I was trained by men. Trained by shoot fighters.

BB:  Who were you trained by?
PB: String Bow, Andre Baker, Johnny Moss and Jon Ryan. Sort of the staff from the UK. I was trained by those submission wrestlers.

BB:  Did you always want to do wrestling?
PB:  Oh yes, oh yes. Since a young age.

BB:  What actually caught your eye that you actually wanted to do this?
PB:  Luna caught my eye. She caught my eye in a big way.

BB:  Have you ever got to meet her?
PB:  No, Ive never been able to meet her. But shes so much the sore-thumb on the scene. She was the only real ladies wrestler that had the aggression and the power. She had visible will. Shes like Im not a supermodel, Im a wrestler. That was the ethic she worked by and continues to work by. Thats what really turned me onto wrestling.


BB:  So, youre more trying to follow more along her footsteps?
PB:  Yes. The more brutal you are, the more of an impression you make,
especially in this day and age.

BB:  Thats true. How old are you, if you dont mind me asking?
PB:  21.

BB:  What kind of stuff did you do in school, like plays, sports, stuff like that you prepare you for this?
PB:  I was an athlete in school. I was the javelin champion, local county. I was a rugby player, boxing and judo.

BB:  How long were you doing that stuff?
PB:  About three or four years before starting wrestling. I broke the county javelin record, shot-put record as well. Bit of power lifting; weight lifting, as well.

BB:  Is this your first time to the States?
PB:  Yes, this is my first time here.

BB:  How long have you been here?
PB:  I just got off the plane two hours ago. Been up for seventeen hours now.

BB:  And you have to work tonight. Who are you working with tonight?
PB:  Ill be valet for Chris (Champion) tonight. 

**Note:  During this interview, Pandora and I had a surprise visit by Chris Champion.**

Chris Champion {CC}: Yeah, shes another addition of the First Family. Chanelle has once again got bored with me, Dante, and Jade, and now shes pulled Pandora in the mix. I hear shes a very dominatrix-type lady. She likes to dominate people.

BB:  Thats right along your alley, dear. (Both Pandora and I laugh.)

CC:  Yeah, thats right along my alley. People who dont know Pandora is very, very tough and very, very popular in England has been for a while. The first time I saw her, I knew there was a lot of potential. The first chance I got to get her over here, I jumped on it. And Im sure shes
going to prove herself.

PB:  First chance in two years.

BB:  Took awhile. 

CC:  Yeah, it did take a while, but good things are worth waiting on.

PB:  Ive got a bit of a reputation over there of being a dangerous lady.

CC:  Very dangerous lady.

PB:  Hated. Hated nationally by the fans. Ive been spat at, hit with bricks in bags. Ive had people ripping up their chairs to throw at me. I tend to provoke a reaction. If they hate me, then Ive achieved my job.

BB:  Hopefully, you wont get beat up by too many of these ladies out there.
PB:  Ill tell ya, the grannies are the worst. Oh yes, the typical handbag with a brick in it scenario. Took my shoulder out.

BB:  So youve been injured before.
PB:  Yeah, Ive had my jaw dislocated shoot fighting. Ive suffered from slight short term memory loss from oxygen deprivation from strangle holds and stuff like that where I hadnt submitted. Maybe, its more my fault than theirs.

BB:  Well, who was the hardest one youve fought against?
PB:  Shoot or pro?

BB:  Either.
PB:  Shoot was probably when I had to shoot John Hall. Hes the UKs Lou Thesz, basically. He is the man. Hes in his 60s, but hell stretch ya and stretch ya good  He stretched Sinn and made him scream. He stretched me big styling.

BB:  Howd he do that one?
PB:  He got me in some sort of bow and arrow. I cant really remember what it was and Im a fairly extensive
shooter, but I didnt know what he was doing.  I could not feel where he was going. And when I cant feel where my opponents going, I cant react to it. He got it straight on for what seemed like thirty seconds.  Im like Im not going to lay in this, Im just going to give up, otherwise hes going to kill me. Hes going to break a bone or something.


BB:  Have you had any bones broken?
PB:  Ive never had a broken bone. Ive had dislocations. Ive had torn ligaments, muscle tears, sprains, but never a break. Ive had concussions, but never a break.

BB:  But the worst would be the dislocations?
PB:  Yeah. I dislocated by jaw. My jaw sometimes pops out while Im talking or while Im eating and pop, excuse me while I put my jaw back.

BB:  How did it get dislocated in the first place?
PB:  I was put in a grovit, which is a submission move, where your head goes through and leverage is put on their head their body is hanging on by the jaw and the throat basically. The guy didnt put it on the throat, he put it on the chin and the weight went up and my chin went
out. Then I heard my vertebrae clicking and I thought it was time to give up. The thing with submission moves is that if you know youre in a bad place and you cant get out of it, then you just gotta go. You just gotta tap out. Otherwise it will get nasty. 

BB:  Really very fast.
PB:  Oh yes it does. I tend to get better at it now. Once youre on the floor, youre mine. Im not a great kicker.

BB:  More power?
PB:  Yeah, more upper-body.  But one I get you on the floor, you are mine.  Theres no doubt it.

BB:  Where did you come up with your character?
PB:  Sort of started out as Mistress. I was wrestling as John Ryans valet in the UK. It just sort of transcended from that. Then I met Sinn and we sort of kept working on the sort of darker side of everything, the more gothic side, and tend to push it more towards the Goth sort of
element.  It came out like that.

BB:  Would you rather work more heelish or face?
PB:  Im a heel. Im a born heel.

BB:  So you wouldnt want to consider face?
PB:  No. I mean on my first night as a valet, I did go out face, and it did go down well. Heel is addictive cause its great fun being a heel.

BB:  You can get away with a lot more stuff.
PB:  Thats so true.

BB:  Whats the most outrageous thing youve done?
PB:  I dont know. I head-butted the Tank once, blacked up all his face. It was a proper head on. There was no blockage there. I had a great, big bruise and he had a great, big bruise. Gary Steele hit me with a chair.
I took a chair shot from Gary Steele. Gary Steele is the NWA World Champion. That knocked me right out. I got a concussion from that. But it wasnt discussed, we didnt know he was going to do it, but he just did it. We just went right in. But Ive been around punching and the
rest of it. You can get away with anything if youre doing it right.

BB:  Have you been consulted on going to the WWF?
PB:  No.

BB:  Would you like to go up there one day?
PB:  It would be nice.

BB:  When you get there, who would you like to work with?
PB:  Probably just Jackie cause the rest of them are just tarts.

BB:  Who would you rather valet for?
PB:  Ive been a big Taker fan for years. Big Taker fan. Well, also Kane. Ive had a big thing for him because initially his character was just so good. The whole human wrecking ball thing is what I liked.  There was a sort of gothic element there, as well.

BB:  Yeah, now theyve kind tamed him down.
PB:  Yeah. Made him more human.

BB:  Is there anything else youd like to say to the readers worldwide?
CC:  Guess what folks, I made it would be best. (laughs)

PB:  Wish you were here.
BB:  Thank you.

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