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Interview Page


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Interview with Rob "The Stro" Kellum


Lekisha F. Oliver

Recently I got the opportunity to interview former WCW superstar, the Maestro. He was very kind and very generous to grant me this privilege. We talked about everything from his title runs to what he does on his spare time to who runs his new website. Wonder who? Check out this interview. I know that it is long, but bear with me.

Lekisha Oliver LO: First off, I would like to thank you for this opportunity. Lets start with the basic questions: Who trained you and where were you trained?

Maestro (RK): Nelson Royal, Gene Anderson, and Ivan Koloff.... Charlotte NC.

LO: What problems, if any, did you have when you first started in the business and how did you overcome them?

RK: Getting used to long road trips, banging my body around for little pay. I overcame all that by paying my dues in the business, and building a good reputation over time, and training hard.

LO: How did you get a tryout in the WCW?

RK: Couple old guys invited me for a tryout.

LO: How were you treated when you went into the WCW by the other talent in the business? The rookie syndrome or one of the boys?

RK: The boys treated me great.

LO: What do you consider to be your greatest match? When did it take place?
RK: I have had many...especially with Rob Van Dam, Buff Bagwell, Scott Hall & Val Venis, Road Dogg.

LO: What circumstances led to you leaving the WCW? Do you see yourself there in the future or in one of the other organizations?

RK: Read my official press release on concerning the says it all. (Check it out at

LO: Which organizations are you currently with and where is your next appearance?

RK: Check appearances page for the latest news.

LO: Who were your inspirations in your personal and professional life and why?

RK: GOD, Dan Gable, Ric Flair, Funks, Briscos, Dusty Rhodes, Lou Thez, Killer Kowalski, Brunno Sammartino, and of course my grand uncle, Gorgeous George Wagner.

LO: Did anyone in your family encourage or discourage your career?

RK: My Family was supportive for the most part.

LO: Why did you choose to wrestle? And how early did you know that you wanted to start wrestling?

RK: It was a lifelong dream of mine. 18-it even says in my yearbook that I was going to pursue professional wrestling.

LO: Which way would you rather any of your characters be: a heel or a babyface?

RK: Regardless of whether I'm a face or heel, as long as I have the people's respect is all that matters to me.

LO: What would be a typical day for you?

RK: Workout in the gym, read the news, tan, run, eat, play with my animals at home.

LO: What kind of exercise/diet do you do on a regular basis?

RK: Low-carb, High protein diet...I run & lift.

LO: I read an article that you did earlier in May that you created the Maestro character, what lead you to this idea?

RK: I had natural music talent; and wanted do something different in the wrestling world.

LO: The new website looks wonderful and by the looks of your website that you are online and you girlfriend is one of the webmistresses, but how often and how long do you stay online?

RK: It varies. But I enjoy conversing with my online fans.

LO: What kind of hobbies do you have?

RK: Writing, dancing, going to the beach, drawing.

LO: What other jobs did you have before starting wrestling? And what was your favorite?

RK: Stock clerk, investor, psychologist training, artist, and writer. Writer was my favorite besides wrestling.

LO: I read that you write and have you had any of your work published?

RK: Yes, years ago for Readers Digest.

LO: If your great-uncle was still here with us today, what do you think that he would say about wrestling today and the turn from traditionalism? And do you think that more wrestlers prefer the entertainment values of today or the more traditional style of yesteryear? Which do you prefer?

RK: Todays wrestling style is better suited for this generation, just as the old school style worked in the elder generation. Both have its pros & cons, as long as it keeps the honor of the business intact, both can coexist. I respect both styles, and I am sure my granduncle would too.

LO: Recently there have been controversy about children wrestling, or backyard wrestling, what advise would you give them? And did you do the same?

RK: If you aspire to get into pro wrestling, do it the right way --don't be a wimp and try something stupid like backyard wrestling. Get properly trained by wrestling schools.

LO: In your opinion, what or who has caused the wrestling/sports-entertainment business to grow the way it is?


LO: I have noticed that you are very fan friendly, but what was the strangest circumstance that a fan has gotten an autograph from you?

RK: A little boy had lost his parents at a show & came to me because he was all alone and none of the other wrestlers had given him an autograph. Not only did he get an autograph from me, I had him stay in the back with me till I could find his folks after the show. His folks thanked me later when I found the parents.

LO: Have you ever felt star struck by anyone in any business? And if so, whom?


LO: My father asked this question, have you ever met his idol, Jackie Fargo?

RK: Yes. In Memphis, was a great honor.

LO: Here is one of the harder questions that I ask and many people do not like it, but if you were approached to do an interview with Playboy or a spread with Playgirl, would you do it? Why or why not?

RK: No.

LO: Thank you for your time.

RK: Thanks.

I would like to thank Rob Kellum (The Maestro) for allowing me to interview him for this article. Whenever you feel like talking again, I would be proud to interview you. Please visit his website at There are new pictures on his site from the past couple of weeks. Thanks for reading. Stay safe.