Stylin' Shane Eden



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Interview With Stylin' Shane Eden
Lekisha F. Oliver


Stylin Shane Eden has been rookie-of-the-year, a two-time tag team champion and a rising star in the wrestling business. In this interview, conducted a few weeks ago, Shane discusses where he has been, where he is, and where he wishes to go. With a new look, a new gimmick and a new outlook on the world, Shane may have the push to go. A special thanks to Stylin Shane Eden for this interview.

Lekisha Oliver [Belle of the Brawl (BB)]: Shane, its nice to meet you.

Stylin Shane Eden (SE): Thank you. Its nice to meet you.

BB: Thank you very much. Youre wrestling up here with Larry Valentine.

SE: Yeah, good match.

BB: Where did you get started?

SE: Lets see, about seven years ago in Central City for a guy named Shelby Hancock. He couldnt really wrestle much cause he was in a wheelchair so we did that and moved on to Bowling Green (, Kentucky), about my second year. Stayed there for about three years and started working for Bert Prentice. It was either called MWA, NWA, or USA at that time. Hes been through so many names that I cant begin to count.

BB: Thats true, I guess. Where are you wrestling at right now?

SE: Right now Im not wrestling very much, trying to get back on the circuit and getting to the [WWE] somehow. I mean I already know all the people that are in the [WWE], its just I havent been there, ya know.

BB: It takes a little while to get there.

SE: Yeah, I know.

BB: If you dont mind me asking, how old are ya?

SE: Well, I do mind, but Im 27.

BB: Thats not old at all.

SE: I feel like it some nights, especially like tonight. Getting beat by some veterans is kinda hard to take on ya.

BB: Thats true.

SE: Yeah. Ill get them back tomorrow (laughs).


BB: Where did you have to come up from, you said from Florida earlier in the night?

SE: Ive been spending some time and getting back on my roots. Going surfing, being on the beach and really relaxing, trying to get everything in focus. Ive had a lot of people die on me here lately. Ive been trying to get away from the death and live life.

BB: I understand, weve had quite a few go on us.

SE: They always come in threes, and I dont want to be that third. I have a my wife and kids, especially. My little boy has the best leg drop in the business. Called the Alabama Jammer. Other than that, Ive been doing fairly good, trying to get a tag team title shot. Ive been two-time tag team champions, Ive been rookie of the year, the list goes on and on, but Im looking for a new shot.

BB: With Mike, youll do very well, especially the way the crowd was popping tonight.

SE: Oh really.

BB: Yes. They were doing very well.

SE: Thats good. I just want to get the people into it.

BB: With you going back to your roots, you should be able to develop your character a little more. Have you taken any of that and pushed it into your character?

SE: Yeah. Im trying to stay more focused. I got shot and it kinda changed my outlook a bit. That will show your faith. Going back to my roots. Especially after the September 11th thing, Ive been going back towards the roots.

BB: Yeah, I saw you praying out there before your match. I think thats very admirable to do that before a match.

SE: Yeah, praying that no one gets hurt too bad.

BB: That should keep you focused.

SE: Its does keep me focused. I dont get scared, I feel confident and yet I feel loyal. You know what I mean. Except for a little rake of the eyes.

BB: Yeah, a little rake in the eyes doesnt hurt every now and then.

SE: Yeah. See the bad guys, they heels, they like break the rules eight out of ten times. (laughs) Me, I like to do it only two percent out of a match. Two times in the eyes, thats it. Thats all I need to do. Thats all I need to get the advantage

BB: Is there anything else you would like to say to the readers?

SE: Dont give up on Stylin Shane Eden. Im just a roundabout worker. Keep having faith in me. Its a matter of faith.

BB: Thats good. Thank you.

SE: Thank you.