Interview with Star
Lekisha F. Oliver


Some say that this young NWA Junior Heavyweight Champion has the agility and speed of a WWE superstar. Star, from the NWA Main Event, has wrestled in almost every state in the United States and has just became the NWA Junior Heavyweight Champion. In this interview, Star takes a journey from his background in West Virginia to Heavyweight Gold. Make sure to check out Star in the upcoming weeks. Here comes Star!

Lekisha Oliver [Belle of the Brawl (BB)]: Okay, Star, lets go ahead and get your real name.
Star: Tyson Smith from Kenova, West Virginia.

BB: How old are ya?
Star: 21.

BB: And how long have you been working?
Star: Six years, getting ready to turn seven come March.

BB: Congratulations.
Star: Getting old.

BB: Youre not old, far from it. Who trained ya?
Star: Me and Jamie Noble. Jamie Gibson or Jamie Howard, he used to be, it was a long time ago in the West Virginia independents. No one really trained us, we just kinda got in there and bumped around until everything fell into place. If theres anyone that can teach ya, its him. Hes got the WWE Light Heavyweight Championship, or Cruiserweight, whatever they call it.

BB: Do you still keep in contact with him?
Star: Yeah. Hes doing good. Hes got the title still and hopefully hes still going to hold onto it.

BB: Hold onto it until you get up there and get it from him.
Star: Yeah. Im hoping to hold the NWA title while hes holding the WWE title so we can control both of the worlds titles.

BB: Get some pictures together. Lots and lots of pictures.
Star: Hell, yeah. The more the merrier.

BB: That would be the promo picture from hell right there. Did yall do backyard or anything like that?
Star: Uh, not really. I did a lot of shoot wrestling. I started out, I was ten years old and did amateur wrestling, won a couple Greco-Roman wrestling tournaments, wrestling when I was about 15 years old and won a sport Jujitsu tournament. I won a Worlds Submission Grappling Championship. I started professional when I was about 16. I got paid to shoot wrestle in some shoot tournaments all over the US. Ive worked all over the US, except for Hawaii and California. Yall out there, if yall wanna book me, I want to go to those two states and fill up my map.

BB: (laughs) Well, so far, whats been your best match?
Star: I thought me and Jimmy (Rave) had a hell of a match for NWA Main Event, me and Tony Mamaluka, when he was Singi down at CCW, Coastal Championship Wrestling. [He and I] had some good matches. And [Jamie and I] down in Florida. Thats probably 97 or 98 thats when we were wrestling for Battlin Bill Weaver in Melbourne, Florida, at the County Line Club.

BB: Sounds like you have been everywhere. Whos treated you the best so far?
Star: I dont know, I would say that the NWA Main Event has its head on its shoulders everything looks promising in the promotion and hopefully the crowd seems to be getting bigger week by week as everything keeps progressing. This Nashville area seems to be the most promising area. Tennessee fans are great. Tennessee has some of the greatest fans in the world.

BB: Weve been weaned on it since we were babies.
Star: Yeah, tradition. Long tradition.

BB: Yeah, you grow up watching it and next thing you know, youre hooked. I figured it would be about the same way out in West Virginia.
Star: Nah. West Virginia wrestling is a little different. Promoters out there really dont get out there and push the show as much as around here. Its a total different league of its own. Theres only a few promotions. The NWA is the most promising right now, besides the WWE. But NWA, besides the WWE, is the forerunner. It has the longest tradition, dating back to Frank Gotch and George Hackenschmidt in the 1900s around to Ed "Strangler" Lewis. Then it progressed into many great wrestlers for the NWA, great NWA Heavyweight and Junior Heavyweight Title {holders}, which Im going for this coming week (and ends up winning) in Columbia, Tennessee, for the NWA Main Event. Thats not a cheap promo, just come on out.

BB: What about the NWA TNA? Have you been contacted about working up there?
Star: Yeah, I worked a show when they first got started out making a core group together. Id love to work for them, theyre a good promotion. The pay-per-view deal is really promising. Im just waiting for a call to work for them anytime. Its about the same everywhere.

BB: Well, lately your matches have been absolutely phenomenal. Of course, they always are.
Star: (smiles) I appreciate it.

BB: Youre welcome. Hopefully youll have that title soon.
Star: I hope so.

BB: Ive seen some of your work with rookies, how would you explain it to them on how to make it in this business?
Star: My advice is dont be scared cause youre going to get your ass whooped anyways, so you might as well fight back. Thats my advice. You give some, you take some. You know.

BB: Any final comments since were getting rushed here?
Star: I dont know what to say except I love yall (KISS).

BB: Thank you.
Star: No problem.

More pics to be added soon. ~ Lekisha