Trick Pony


Trick Pony Rocks Crockett Theater
Lekisha Oliver
D-U Staff Writer



A tropical storm could not stop Trick Pony from performing to a packed house on Thursday night.

Warner Brothers newest recording artists Trick Pony, comprised of Heidi Newfield, Ira Dean and Keith Burns, paid Lawrenceburg a visit during this years Middle Tennessee District Fair.

This year would be not like the rest. Like the usual unpredictable weather during the end of September, tropical depression Isadore would drop enough rain on Rotary Park to have the annual concert moved to Lawrenceburgs Crockett Theater.

Its really cool that the whole city of Lawrenceburg came together to open up the theatre, said Heidi Newfield, one of the trio of Trick Pony. We through we were going to get cancelled, Keith Burns stated.

But thanks to the quick effort of the City of Lawrenceburg and the Rotary Club, the concert was still on. With a nearly packed house, Trick Pony stepped onto the stage of the Old Crockett Theater and rocked the house.
Even after a thirty-one straight day tour across the country, Trick Pony came home to Tennessee to start a new leg of their tour.

Even though some were skeptical of the new group, the whole show was felt to be a success and many were happy that the concert was moved indoors.

As the rain continued to fall outside, the heat from the inside came from the stage. Trick Pony played for almost two hours.
Heidi put it best when talking of the crowd. We went out there and had fun. It was more of an intimate crowd, it felt like we were playing in our living rooms. They played tunes from their self-titled debut album, Trick Pony, but their second album, On a Mission due out November 5th.

We think we have raised the bar on this album, Heidi said. All three members of the band have pitched in to write nine out of the twelve tracks on their upcoming CD.

The title says it all, Newfield says. Were on a mission for two things, one to have a good time and two to take it to a different level.

Trick Pony was formed over ten years ago. We all moved to (Nashville) about thirteen years, started Ira Dean. I was playing for Tanya Tucker and Keith (Burns) was playing for Joe Diffe and we ran into each other on the road. Keith quit Joe to start this band.We met Heidi through Keiths ex-wife.

I went to this party one night that turned out to be at Keith, and his then wifes house. Keith was out on the road with Joe Diffe when his wife called him,

Newfield said. She called him up and told him that she had met this girl that is exactly what you are looking for. Keith called me the next day, told me about the band, and I loved it.

Trick Pony was born right then and there. After one year of preparation for the band, and they havent stopped touring since.

Touring the honky tonks, bars and state fairs across the nation, Trick Pony finally were picked up by Warner Brothers records and then released their first album. 

During one of the recording sessions, two of the bands idols, Johnny Cash and the late Waylon Jennings, entered the studio to talk with the group and ended up re-recording a cut of Big River.  This is one of the highlights of the bands short history.

Keep an eye on these newest country superstars. Check out their newest album, On A Mission, in stores on November 5 and for more information, check out their website at