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Photos and the Wall of Fame

Hugh Morrus and I
Hugh Morrus and I 2-18-01

Jerry Lawler and I 4-21-01
Jerry Lawler and I

John Noble and I
John Noble and I 6-9-01

Larry Valentine and I

(Above from l to r) Ira Dean, Heidi Newfield, Me and Keith Burns...AKA..Trick Pony

Koko B. Ware and I
Koko B Ware and I 2-23-02

Chris Champion, Channel and I 2-23-02
Chris Champion, Channel and I


Clockwise:  John Noble, Chris Gatlin, Steve Lane, LC Dice, Steve Southern, LG Dice, me, Robbie Ruffin, Dynamite Dan and Larry Valentine

Steve Lane and Chris Gatlin and I

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