Thank You For the Best Five Years!!!

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Thank you for the best five years ever!
Five years. Doesn’t seem like a long time, does it, but can so much happen in that half of a decade?

When first writing five years ago, my life was calm and wrestler free, but not anymore. The beginning was like any other wrestling journalist. A shot from an editor who gave all six the free reign and hello to my new world!

But why write for five years and continue on even though you do not write full time? Well, there are a few reasons.

First reason, and the most important, the readers and the wrestling fans that have the passion. That passion keeps me writing when the bug bites. Wrestling has no off-season, no timeouts and no ending to how much can happen in one day, much less five years. The fans and the readers are the ones that have kept me going. The appreciation and all the ideas that help to keep everything fresh, that is one thing that I cannot replace with any degree or any monetary value. I have gotten to meet in person several of my absolutely honest and wonderful readers and I have to say, you all are the best people that I could ever meet. I know it sounds like I’m sucking up, but without peers that have the same ideas and the same love, would there even be a wrestling newsletter or a news site or any other text out in the market about the sport of kings? I guess not.

But the sport of kings is the reason and the fuel to the fire of writing. Over the past five years, I have had the privilege to meet some of the best wrestlers in the business, even working side-by-side as a valet for several of them. However, the interviews with these wrestlers are the one thing that has made me love writing all the more. The stories these men and women can tell fill volumes of text, but there are many that I haven’t gotten to meet that I would love, or have loved, to get the honor of interviewing. From the first interview with Brianna Starr to my first in person interview with Hugh Morrus, AKA Bill DeMott, to former WWE Women’s Champion Victoria, TNA’s Jerry Lynn and Ron “The Truth” Killings to one of my most memorable, Bobby Hennan. All of these interviews have been jewels in my life and the best thing that has ever happened to me.

How to you put down how much fun and memories that five years can pass. It’s hard, trust me, but the more I think of it, the more I realize how much wrestling has brought into my life, including my wonderful husband of over a year, “Impressive” Anthony Wayne. How to I tell you how much I appreciate the push and the drive that you have been to me. He’s the one that gets me out of the office and into a computer room with keyboard and a screen. He’s the one behind the madness of my valetting career. The one who brought the true heel out. Thank you!

Most importantly, I would like to thank my editors. All of these wonderful people have put up with all the time away, the school and the trips to the hospital after a show.

Thank you to Colin. You are the one that opened that door, for that, I am eternally grateful. You changed my life.

To Patty, talk about a pep talk in an email address, you are the one that helped when I had decided to finally give up and throw in the towel and showed me that a woman can make it in a man’s world. You brought out the true powerhouse when it came to making me use the talent that hid beneath all the politics.

To my former editor, Mark. You gave me a lot of advice that helped to bring out the strength that needed to be shown. I thank you and your brother Eric for all the help and the extra get up and go when it came to getting the extra mile for the interviews.

And finally to all my fellow writers, each one of you has given me the one thing that I needed along the way, friendship. That one thing has kept me going and the extra criticism when my writing had gotten horrible, that is one thing I needed most. Thank you to every single one of you.

With 2005 starting off, I had promised to write more, and I intend to as much as possible. Trust me, there are plenty of ideas that are in my head that need to be written out before they fall into enemy hands. :)

So if you really want more from the Belle of the Brawl, keep me on track. If you don’t see a column from me at least every week to two weeks, jump my case! Keep me going because I love to know that someone cares about wrestling as much as I do! Shoot me an email at or do as some of my more bold readers have done, show up at Columbia Wrestling Alliance in Columbia, Tennessee, and tell me in person that you want me writing. Demand the best! That’s what I hope to continue to write from now on. As for the fifth anniversary interview, I usually have one of the top stars in the wrestling business to meet up for my interview, but this time, I have failed you. However, email me at the address above for any suggestions for a future interview. Be it a TNA star, a WWE star or an Independent star, tell me who you want to see. The poll will be adding up and the winning person will be worked on getting that interview and in the words of one of my favorite bands, “You want the best, you got the best!” (Gotta love KISS)

As for this column, it’s waiting on you. Send your emails, your suggestions, your moans, your groans and your questions! Email them to or go to my website at

Thank you to all the fans, the editors, the writers and especially the wrestlers for the best five years of my life! Let’s make it another few more!

As always, stay safe and much love to each of you!

Thank you!