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Standing at a Crossroads
Lekisha Oliver

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While sitting at my desk this brisk October morning, several things have came to mind about the wrestling business over the past couple of months.  Granted I had said that I would write more, but if you really want that whole ball of wax, email me.  Otherwise, I have a few things to talk about. 


Recently, of course there have been talks of wrestlers moving around different companies in the nation.  Kurt Angle and Monty Brown top this list.  With WWE releasing Kurt Angle for outside problems, TNA would have been very foolish to have not picked him up.  However, there have been individuals saying that Kurt Angle does not need to be main eventing the next TNA pay-per-view.  I say that they are wrong.  Angle has come off of a several year streak of either main-eventing pay-per-views or lining up near the top.  Each time that Angle has gotten to the top of the card; there has been some major ring-time.  Not also counting that the match is destined to be a match of the year quality candidate each time.  Well, has this been so forgotten by the journalists of wrestling? 


Sometimes this seems to be the case.  Bad publicity can ruin a career, but if the press does not have an extra crutch to hold the story up, the good qualities are going to shine through no matter if the past is that cloudy.  Before bringing up all of the problems of Angle’s past, let’s look at some of the catalysts that have brought him to this point.  Wrestling is not just a sport; it’s a way of life.  This life has a wrestler on the road constantly.  Seeing the family maybe a few days a month will tend to sour a relationship.  In this case, it is true.  Angle had problems with his family life and his personal life.  Compared to the WWE schedule that is world-wide and year-round, TNA has a slower schedule and allows families time to heal. 


For example, take a look at the newly crowned NWA Heavyweight Champion, Sting.  He took off for over a month to recondition his body for his match with Jeff Jarrett.  However, coming back to action slim and trim and looking in amazing ring condition, Steve Borden would not have been able to restructure his physique and still keep a relationship with his family. 

TNA has also let it be possible that Jeff Jarrett will take some time away from the spotlight to care for his family.  Granted that Jarrett does own part of the company, he has chosen to step away and help not only backstage but to spend time with his wife. 


I know that it seems like I am giving TNA the entire due course in the world, but WWE does have some good qualities about it. 


More exposure to the wrestling fans is one thing that former New England Patriot Monty Brown will see.  This exposure leads to a loaded pocket book and a hefty price for the future.  With Brown’s past training by former NWA Champion Dan “The Beast” Severn and Sabu, the future seems more extreme.  The 2004 PWI Rookie of the Year could face his former trainer on ECW or could head to RAW, but where to put him?  Would he face off against other undefeated wrestlers like Umaga or go to Smackdown and have to go head to head with Booker T.  Right now, it appears as through ECW is the way to go.  Make him as undefeatable as he was in TNA and make him a monster. 


As for the rest of the wrestling world, there is a lot to touch on.  The women’s tournament is one of the things I see as a decent start for another hopeful division.  However, unless more of the female athletes are brought back up to RAW, we are going to have to get used to bra and panties matches for the women’s title.  I know that the guys love this, but I would rather have no women’s match instead of the bra and panties matches.  Right now, there are several women that are in developmental territory for the WWE, including Beth Phoenix who is recovered from her broken jaw; ODB who is one of the more talented women in the OVW and has the size to mix it up; and about a half a dozen more at Ohio Valley alone.  Add in Krissy Vaine, Tracy Taylor, and Angel Williams down at Deep South, there is a women’s roster that can have strong wrestling matches without having to step into an evening gown match.


New tag teams are finally starting to break ground in both companies.  The new edition of Cryme Tyme and the Highlanders are starting to make a good start over on RAW and with David Taylor being back with William Regal, Kendrick and London will wish that it were Nitro and Mercury on the other side of the ring.


TNA has some awesome tag teams and are finally getting the idea that some of the teams are either being held down.  Teams like The Naturals have been time and again looked over for as serious contenders for the NWA Tag Team Titles.  Yes, they have had Shane Douglas at ringside, or near ringside, for these guys, but having seen these two athletes progress from independent circuits to national level, both of these wrestlers have strong backgrounds in the ring.  Maybe I am a little on the biased side, but so what. 


As for the independent scene, the companies have been growing each week and every one of them has potential for the future.  Each person that steps foot into the locker room has the potential to be great.  Keep up the awesome work and special thanks to all of the people that have been at our side over the past couple of weeks and into the weeks ahead.


This column is coming to an end, but I would like to invite everyone to send any feedback to me at or   Also, we are continuing to expand our wrestling library.  Right now, we just completed Brian Pillman’s DVD set.  As for this writer, it is one of the better DVD compilations that I have seen in a while.  It is definitely worth a look if you are into the high-flying entertainer that was behind the Loose Cannon of the WWE. 


Thanks again and see you all soon.