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Passion + Lust = Ratings

“What’s the best kind of match?”


This question was posed to me in an email a few weeks back. I really had to think about what answer I would give.  I love all types of matches.  There are hardcore matches, table matches, technical matches and high-flying matches, but what brings out the best match?  The answer to that question is the emotion behind the wrestlers in that match.


When looking through footage of older matches from the area and in the national arenas, most of the hardest hitting battles ensued over the hate or the dislike behind the wrestlers getting into the ring.  Matches like the series between Kevin Sullivan and Chris Benoit had a lot of fire behind the feud.  The real life struggle between Sullivan, Benoit, and Sullivan’s then wife, Nancy, fueled up a feud that smoked through arenas across the continent. 


Booking committees have always seen that these feelings would help to raise ratings and raise earnings when a person could actually see the fire in the eyes of each opponent.  This case does not go unseen with WWE’s shows.  They have had a rough quarter and even release wrestlers of wrestlers did not help the money coming from house shows and events.  So why not give the fans what they want, they want to see a real fight.  Something with some passion behind it and that is exactly what they are getting.  First were John “Bradshaw” Layfield and the Blue Meanie.  Speculation has been tremendous about what exactly happened about the whole situation.  Is this for real?  For the fans, the answer is simple, it is.  They saw the fight and they have seen the “after” pictures of Meanie.  There is power behind this fight and the WWE did what they do best, give the fans what they want and make money in the process.


The same type of issue is happening over on RAW.  The entire soap opera fan’s dream come true when a love triangle happens and there is someone to blame.  It’s always the girl’s fault for giving into her desires or the other man’s fault for pulling the girl into the trap, but where exactly does the blame truly go?  With Edge and Lita, the whole soap opera romance with Kane made the fans really see that no matter whom they put in the way, the real person wanted in that ring with “Mr. Money In The Bank” was Matt Hardy.  Rumors of Matt having the offer on the table from WWE and a verbal agreement from TNA went through the roof on Monday night with his reappearance on RAW.  This will make the fans love Matt and put him where he should be, right on top.  The passion that lies behind this triangle makes the triangle between Elizabeth, Randy Savage and Hulk Hogan fade in comparison. 


Whether or not these types of things make money, it will definitely make for good ratings.  Keep watching to see if these types of things will continue.  Because as long as there are seven deadly sins, there will be a market for it. 


For any comments or suggestions, email me at or check out my site at because I am working on a DVD review and several interviews at the same time.  Since summer is almost over, it’s time to heat up the winter and the keyboard!