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Who Needs a Jukebox?
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Who Needs a Jukebox?




Lekisha F. Oliver

With the "Pretty Lies and Broken Dreams" column coming out last week, a few emails popped into my email account that begged to be put into the public.


First off, the feedback that the readers have sent in has been nothing short of amazing.  A special thanks to those who sent in the feedback and especially one that told me of the true story behind the song.  Very cool and thank you a bunch. 


However, three letters really stuck out at me after the curtains had closed.  These three letters came from one that had told me of his dreams for wrestling commentating being a dream of his. 


"Many Indy wrestlers who give up on their dream fast had just that...a dream. I wanted to be a pro wrestling commenter, even went to college to become a broadcast journalist.  However, some how down the road looking at the business from the fan perspective, I realize that maybe I wasn't intended to be there in first place. Not to say that I am telling people to give up on their dreams. But sometimes, as you get older, you need to realize that some dreams are just fantasies." 

This email from Tbtercel not only told of his dream of being a wrestling commentator.  While this dream isn't hard to foresee for some, this dream had passed in their eyes into something of the past. 

However, I would like to tell this wonderful reader that the prospect of doing what you dream of is not preposterous.  If commentating is something that you have had your hearts' drive on, give it a shot.  I personally work hard for a living in another job besides writing and go to school, but I find time to write and to valet on the weekend.  Do not get the idea that wrestling is a weekend warrior position, because that case is false.  Learn all that is out there about wrestling and check into local Independent federations to see if something of that nature is out there and if the prospect of doing that job is available.  Several of the writers that I know have personally commentated on wrestling, including myself, including play-by-play action years back.  Do not give up on that dream. 

A young man named Jason Frost has something similar going on.  This 21-year-old young man has decided to put the best foot forward in wrestling and start training full time.  He is very adamant that he will get to be a wrestler. 

"I'm going to be a professional wrestler.  Failure and quitting is not an option no matter how hard it gets, how bad it hurts, or how much money it takes that I don't have.  I will achieve my dream.  I may never get to wrestle in the WWE or TNA or anything "big time" but none of that matters to me.  I'm not seeking fame or fortune...this isn't a treasure hunt.  This is my dream...this is what I feel in my heart I am meant to do.  And I just wanted to let you know that your words have given me so much more needed motivation to not ever let my dreams die.  I'm writing to make a promise to you that one day you will hear my name again."

This November Jason will be stepping into the ring for training with one of the best in the world, but he knows that training with one of the best doesn't mean a first-class ticket to the top; it is a beginning.  The more that Jason will be training the harder and harder it will be to even get up the next morning, but he has the heart and has shown it in his letter. 

On the other end of the spectrum, a seven-year in-ring veteran wrote in about his experiences thus far. 

"I started when I was 37 or 38. There was even a 22 year-old that started in the school, two years later, there were only 3 of us left, I was proud of my self, I did not leave the school I work in the Indies; I am too old to even think about the big time. I am 42 and I am having fun.  It not about the money, but I wanted to get in front of a crowd and give them a good match, I am an average wrestler, so long as the fans think that it was a good match and we get a good pop from the crowd, that is what matters. I have met a few big boys on some of the shows, I have worked as a under carder, but I guess I had a good trainer, they told us before we even got in the ring, if we where in it for the money, you better leave now.  Unless you have skills in you, you will not make it. I guess I had a half of the skill's to make of was it."

This is one possibility that a new wrestler will have to work with when getting into wrestling.  Rarely getting to the main event, but having enough talent to stay in the ring and try to better yourself.  A special thanks to the Pink Pansy and the rest of the locker rooms up in Indiana because Pansy not only said what I would have a hard time saying, but he did it in his own charismatic way. 

If the wrestler has all the personality in the world, if the heart of a lion doesn't beat under his/her chest, the trip to the building is out of the question.  Otherwise, make the walk down the ramp and into the spotlight.

As for this column, it is at a finish.  Feel free to email me any comments or questions or just feel like shooting the breeze, email me at belleofthebrawl@yahoo.com or go over to the website at www.belleofthebrawl.com

Stay safe until next column, who knows what will have me writing next.

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