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New Attitude
Lekisha F. Oliver 


While watching RAW Tuesday morning, there were a few things that I thought I would discuss that have been nagging on my mind.  These diatribes that have been building need to be addressed, and as usual, I do not pull any punches on any subject.  The subjects being the women of wrestling, and before you all say "Again?" lets realize that women in wrestling are there and need to be talked about.  Whether it be a woman to talk about them or guys drooling over them, the characters and their progress needs to be looked at just as much as people nagging over Triple H or WrestleMania or anything else that may have crossed their minds and their keyboards. 

The past several weeks we have been seeing a female variety of Kane walking RAW in Miss Molly.  Yes, the character is solid and very intense, and I like it.  She has been the innocent and the sweet lady that we all just love to cheer for then move to that crazy psycho that cuts us off in traffic.  The idea that a former superhero sidekick could wrestle her way through the womens division has showed that she can do anything.  The more I see her out there pressing the issue of women having strong characters on wrestling gives new meaning to a womens movement. 

Since Im on the womens division, I would like to say congratulations to Victoria for holding onto the womens title and making it something to treasure.  When she won the title a few weeks back, it was incredible to see her facial expressions and show that it means that much to her.  Why shouldnt the womens title mean as much to the ladies as the World Heavyweight Title does to the men?  Its the female version.  Does anyone see another womens title up in WWE that they could hope for?  No.  This writer has seen womens tag team title matches and would love to see them again.  However, this would require Vince and the rest of WWE to bring in more female talent

Before the nay Sayers start in with I haven't seen any, check again.  I have given countless examples of women in wrestling that would more than adequately fit the bill.  Keep looking in the independent circuit for that next superstar.  TNA has.  They have some of the brightest female talent in the sport.  With Trinity and the returning Desire, these two ladies are set to bring on some hefty competition to the Divas of Titan Towers.  After a year off for a back injury, Desire is back and ready to bring on the rumble, especially when her run towards a stellar career was interrupted by a back injury.  Congratulations and welcome back to this young lady and it will be great to see you in the ring. 

Looking back up at Connecticut, the reappearance of Gail Kim has shown that she is willing to work to get where she needs to be.  Granted that she had to take two steps back with an injury, but now shes back and ready to go.  The submission move that she placed on Victoria on Monday night is a force to be dealt with.  She has finally proven that she is ready for WWE and the title that was placed around her waist in her debut.  If she keeps up the intensity that she has inside, Gail will be around for many years to come.

Before finishing up this column, there are a few things I would like to address.  After talking with Ginger over the past couple of weeks, there have been a few things that have come to my attention.  She has told me of emails that have been sent to her about where is Lekisha?  She was my favorite writer and she has vanished.  Trust me darlings, I have not vanished, just been keeping a close eye on my readers as well as the other columnists.  Be careful what you say about others, when we all have worked to make it on staff.  I have been on staff with Colin for over four years; I trust Colin and his judgment on who is here and who isnt here.  Colin knows of my situations, especially with school, marriage and wrestling careers on the weekends, he knows that I am around and will continue to be around.  No one has been able to unseat this writer, and that will continue to stay the way it is.  Be looking for more articles from this writer, as well as more in depth looks into wrestling that most writers have never dared to try.

For anyone who has questions, comments, suggestions or would love to chat about wrestling or my writing in general, feel free to email me at belleofthebrawl@yahoo.com  

Until next column, stay safe and behave.  The Belle is watching you.

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