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TNA Turns Two


Almost two years ago, a new establishment arose in wrestling.  This establishment promised new talent and exciting innovations in the sport of wrestling.  NWA: Total Nonstop Action was born. 


A new set of wrestlers would arise from the independent circuit and put out top-quality matches for the world to see.  This set of wrestlers stretched from the newly formed X-Division to the heavyweights and all of these new faces were to be reckoned with. 


Since last-year, Total Nonstop Action, TNA, has now reached beyond the local fans to the cable-wide network.  Just recently getting their newest show, Impact!, on Fox Sports Net, TNA has started to show some of the trump cards.


These cards are the ones that this sport would have never seen on WWE.  These individuals have made a sport known as rasslin for decades to wrestling and highflying entertainment for the ages. 


With this new era, new champions have been crowned, including A. J. Styles. Styles, who not only won the NWA Heavyweight Championship earlier this year, has reclaimed the X-Division Championship. A.J., a Georgia native, is known for being one of the innovators of the X-Division.  TNA has started out their new year with one of the X-Divisions brightest stars on top. 


Not only does TNA bring out A.J., a whole new crew of wrestlers has made it to the top of their field.  Names like Kid Kash, Sonjay Dutt, and the Amazing Red have brought matches like no other into the living rooms of people across America and across the Globe.  This Wednesday night, A.J. will be putting his X-Division title on the line against Kid Kash. 


The X-Division isn't the only crew starting off the New Year with a new champion.  Americas Most Wanted, one of the top tag teams in the world has finally regained the titles during the initial tapings of TNA Impact!.  This duo, which includes Wildcat Chris Harris and Tennessee native Cowboy James Storm will be in action this coming Wednesday night.  AMW will be taking on two of the newest additions to the NWA locker room.  Nosawa and Miyamoto will team up to see if the NWA belts will be Japan-bound. 


Don't think I have left out the ladies.  Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, as the old proverb goes.  This definitely will be something new.  Just off a yearlong back injury, Desire will be stepping into the ring for revenge against Trinity.  This match will be nothing short of breakthrough for the ladies division when Trinity takes on Desire in a Stretcher Match. 


But what would an anniversary show be without the heavyweight champion, Jeff Jarrett.


The newly crowned King of the Mountain, Jeff Jarrett will be heading into the anniversary show against none other than the former two-time NWA Heavyweight champion, Ron The Truth Killings.  These two men have been battling it out for weeks over Ron's shot at the title.  While Jarrett just won the title from Killings a short time ago, Ron has a craving for the gold, especially when it lies in a belt form with the NWA logo attached. 


After the actions that Jarrett took on Wednesday night against Vince Russo, a special stipulation has been added.  If Jarrett brings a guitar, he automatically is disqualified.  But if Jarrett loses by DQ, he loses the title.  I'm starting to love this rule.


So lets recap, A.J. Styles will be putting his coveted X-Division Title on the line against the ever-vigilant Kid Kash.  The NWA Tag Team Champions will also be in action when Cowboy James Storm and Wildcat Chris Harris take on Nosawa and Miyamoto.  Desire is going to try and get revenge on Trinity in a Stretcher match.  Raven has promised a tribute to The Sheik and to top off the night, AAAs Minis will be making their debut.  And Jarrett's Heavyweight Title will be on the line against Ron The Truth Killings.


The fans are encouraged to attend the Anniversary party up at the Asylum on June 23rd.  To find out more information, check out NWA: TNA's website at www.tnawrestling.com or go to the Asylum in the Nashville Fairgrounds.  There is a special treat for the fans that purchase a ticket; an after party waits with the TNA Superstars.


If the fans cannot attend in person, call the cable company and order the PPV.  Its only $9.95. 


Any feedback is welcome and Ill be heading to TNA Wednesday night.  Do not be surprised if the interviews start pouring in.  Its time to get back to business.

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