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TNA To Cable
Lekisha F. Oliver

'TNA hits cable airways" has been the topic of conversation over the past couple of days.  Including the local newspaper, The Tennessean, (http://tennessean.com/business/archives/04/05/51254853.shtml?Element_ID=51254853). Everyone around the wrestling world has been saying that the Jarrett's and Dixie have finally hit the big time.  However, like any other show on television, money has to be crossing hands to make it to the small screen, and it does not run cheap. 

I know that if a show wants to get onto the local television station, the person putting the show on has to have at least a thousand dollars to get the thirty-minute show on the air.  Now I know youre saying a thousand dollars?  Hello!  That is a lot of money for the local wrestling federation to come up with to get their product to the viewing audience.  Some do not realize just how much Vince has to pay to get his shows on Spike TV.  The only way that these shows survive is by commercials.  The endorsements from hair color to gaming systems continue to keep WWE on the air, but what about Total Nonstop Action? 

TNA Offices are saying that they are on Fox Sports Net, which is a major step for this company.  Now this company has to find more financial backers that are willing to put their product inside of theirs.  Companies like Proctor and Gamble, Nintendo Systems, Playstation and other are lining up to put their product's commercials during the "family time" during wrestling.  However, locally it is hard for some companies to find good sponsorship.  Im talking about sponsors that will not back out at the last minute and then the owner / producer will have to try and find new ways of paying for that television time. 

Who would be sponsors? 

To be honest, it's like trying to get advertising for a newspaper or a magazine.  Sometimes the advertising comes to the seller, but nine times out of ten, the sales has to be done door to door or phone call to phone call.  The first one that TNA should look into would be Hooters.  I know that I have been against the entire female degrading policies throughout my writing career, but Hooters is one place that hasn't really been tapped for commercial spots.  This company is a franchise that doesnt really need any help, but look at what Busch and Winston did for racing.  Not a big fan of this company especially at the afternoon crunch.

What about the other food franchises?  Franchises like Pepsi and Frito Lay have been serving people at all types of these events for years.  Free publicity goes out in the form of those blue cups you get at the concession stand, so why not go straight to the company that has been keeping your fans fed.  If they can get Pepsi, they would end up getting all the companies that fall under the umbrella of that company, including Frito Lay.   

Another one would be the book industry.  Check into the publishing companies that publish all the talents biographies.  Check into that.  Another way of getting the new releases out to the public, it would be perfect.  However, some publishers would think that the wrestling audience doesn't read, boy were they wrong and were told so with the release of Mick Foley's books and the countless number of biographies that are flying about in local bookstores.   

Anything that will appeal to the core audience, male 15-35 would be the way to go with advertising.  The more advertising, the more the show is paid for.  The other question is whether or not TNA will move the show across country and if so, will it be by air or by land.   

Several writers have said that they will be busing it like the Japanese do with their wrestlers.  However, there is a big difference between the Japanese and us, we have a lot more land to travel on than they do.  The first move has been projected to Orlando, Florida to Universal Studios and a 1,200-seat audience to fill.  Will they still have the Asylum or will it fade away like the Memphis buildings did when the companies started to travel around the area? Time will soon tell. 

The more that the television is picked up by different markets; the better off TNA will become.  However, a 3:00 p.m. timeslot? That is going to be the interesting part.  The kids are just getting home from school or some parents are too busy with their kids or jobs or rush hour traffic to see it.  Others say it will help through the TiVo market, maybe so, but how often does the Nielson group check TiVo?  I do not even know if they do.  This is going to be one gamble that the entire TNA board, as well as the NWA Board of Directors needs to do their research on. 

As for this column, it is coming to a close, but keep an eye out over the next couple of days.  There will be a special column with fellow columnist Eric Knudsen with a mythological named lady in the near future.   

Any questions, comments or insights can be sent to me at belleofthebrawl@yahoo.com or check out the site at www.belleofthebrawl.com

Stay safe and see you all again soon.

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