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I Wanna Be Like...
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I Wanna Be Like...
Lekisha Oliver


For every negative that has been put across to the public about wrestling through the media, there are positives that come across the screen. Role models, new careers, and a few good laughs have become a new show for the wrestling public. People see in the new material that is presented, there is something amazing that comes out of the bad, a cloud having a silver lining, so to speak.

A flourishing career for new superstars, such as Shelton Benjamin and C. M. Punk to rejuvenation of older careers like Sting and Shawn Michaels. These types of miracles have a good start to a fresh audience. New storylines mean new possibilities for more people. More opportunity to be seen and heard for each new performer with as day passes. These wrestlers have something new to present to the world. Whether it is new styles of wrestling or a new persona or a new attitude, the characters that they portray send out a positive message and help them to become role models.

"I wanna be like Shawn Micheals!" said one of my friends children the other day. When inquiring about why he would want to be like the "reformed Christian" like Shawn, he said, "He has done what Daddy has done, Aunt Kisha. He is showing how strong he is." Now I understand the strong, however, the Daddy comment threw me for a loop. When I talked with his mother about his Dad and Shane, she told me pretty candidly that Shawn had done what his Dad had done and thats become a father and a role model to his son. Someone that changed their lives to raise his son to be a fine young man, that is what my friend has instilled in her son. If he only knew how wild and wooly his father used to be. His transformation, like the one Shawn Michaels portrays onscreen, has turned heads from his mother to his best friends.

Seeing the sparkle in his young eyes made me realize that we all were that age before, everyone is flawless, especially our role models. We saw our role models come across the screen. Personally, my role model growing up was Miss Elizabeth. I still try to emulate her when I walk to the ring every Saturday night. Be quiet and demure, as well as lovely and elegant. I always saw her as a beautiful woman who could do whatever she wanted to do. With the passing of Elizabeth and her elegance tarnished, I still try to put across some of the "Miss Elizabeth" in every valet, with a little bit of Sensational Sherrie. The sweet looking person that walks ringside with her man and makes sure that he is taken care of. It tells young ladies that you must protect what is yours and never back down from what you love.

This strength also conveys into how strong a person can be inside the business; one that is strong enough in character and in life to stretch their personal limits to off screen business. These individuals are strong enough to put a new career with the already hectic one revolving around their life.

Some callings came from out of the dark, such as The Rocks acting career and John Cenas rapping career. The Rock has proven that wrestling will get you a foothold into the entertainment business, but racking in millions of dollars per movie, takes strength. The Rock has proved that he has what it takes to make the transition into the spotlight. Others are trying to cash in on the success of the Rock on the silver screen. With Triple H off to film Blade III, others see how lucrative that their popularity can be to box office numbers. Several others have been approached about appearing on the big screen, however, which will be next to grace the stage?

John Cena, on the other hand, has found a talent that many didnt know he had before heading to Titanland. Cena, who already had some acting ability with the VERY short-lived Manhunt television show, has done what few thought he could do. After listening to some of the raps that he has spewed out, there may be a more productive rap career ahead. Hes original and has some talent. Plus, hes always good for a few laughs. Even though he is poking fun at the wrestlers in the ring, many dont know what he is going to say before he says it. He has a general idea of what will be said, but the look on some of the guys and the gals faces have been nothing short of invaluable.

These few individuals have proven that if you work hard at something, it pays off. The more effort put into a project, the more it helps out your career. The role model of a child will help put that child in the movie theatre to see their hero on the big screen instead of the one at home.

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