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Well, ladies and gentlemen, welcome to 2004!

A New Year means new beginnings and new endings.

Wrestling has not turned a new leaf, as of yet, but this writer has finally talked with the powers that be in my life and have decided to make this year better than last year.

Now, I know that everyone reading this is saying, "Yeah right, Ive heard this before. How many new beginning will you have, Lekisha?" Well, its time to let the cat out of the proverbial bag.

Everyone has been wondering why I havent been writing; well its time to shoot straight with you all. Over the past year and a half, I have been living the life that I have been writing about. All the articles about regrets of not being home or the missing of time with children have been glimpses into my life. Not only have I been living the life of a wrestlers valet, but as a wrestlers wife. As most of my closest friends know, the Belle of the Brawl has married one of the most talented wrestlers in the area. In October of 2003, I married "Impressive" Anthony Wayne and have become one of my own subjects, a wrestler's wife.

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The one thing that I have learned so far is that this life isnt all its set out to be. All the misses appointments and days with family is definitely in the horizon for my family. However, there is a silver lining to this rainy cloud, he has taken me from the broadcast table and back in the valet business.

So, while learning the ropes, I sat down with my husband/teacher and went through hours upon hours of tapes to try and get the right look, the right mannerisms and the right personality that is required for a heel valet. Tapes from the 1980s through today showed how much I had to learn.

The tapes of Miss Elizabeth, Luna Vachon, Sensational Sherri and Missy Hyatt were an every night occurrence in our home. With these viewings, we decided to make the following: a woman with the elegance of Elizabeth, the strength of Luna, the brass of Sherri and the constant running of the mouth from Missy. These characteristics became Miss Lekisha. (Yes, I know, not very original, but my parents came up with something that not one person could have come up with.) These four ladies have been role models to this writer since becoming a valet.

Let's start down the line with Miss Elizabeth. Elizabeth had always been the one that I watched as a young lady. Always the lady that caught the eye of the camera, she showed that a lady didnt have to dress like a common streetwalker to escort her fair champion to the ring. The elegance that she showed in her dress and demeanor gave her a lot of screening time.

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Luna Vachon. This name strikes fear in a lot of different men and women. From the look that appeared in front of the audience, Luna made her name known from the way she stood up for the men she was with. The screams that came from the lovely face made her strength overshadowed. She refused to be eye candy, instead, kick the eye candy half way to kingdom come. That's the kind of never back down strength that I admire.

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Sensational Sherri or Sherri Martel or Scary Sherri, Sherri was the complete opposite of one of her nemesis, Elizabeth. Sherri not only didnt stand down from any man, she kicked them in the nuts, made them like it and did it again. The not taking anything from anyone mentality was one of Sherri's greatest characteristics. Even to this day, I do admire Sherri for her crass way of getting her way.

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Missy Hyatt..photo courtesy of owow.com Edit Picture

Speaking of getting her way, Missy Hyatt comes to mind. Missy said her piece and never shut up. She took the sight away from anyone that came through the curtain. Her never fearing speech to the fans gives any valet the idea of how to cram the words of any fan down their throats.

These four women took the wrestling world by storm. These four women are the ones that stoked the fire that makes me walk down the isle every week with my handsome husband. Of course, who wouldnt want to be at his side? J

I would like to digress back to the previous column about role models. The response was tramendous and thank you to the fans for writing in the responses. I am placing some of the responses up on my website later this week, www.belleofthebrawl.com

But for those who want to come up and cause a little bit of trouble for the Belle of the Brawl, make the trip to Gallatin, Tennessee, every Saturday night. Email me at belleofthebrawl@yahoo.com for more information to check out the site at http://swawrestling.2ya.com

As for a question of the week, here you go:

Who is your favorite valet and / or manager of wrestling? Send your responses to belleofthebrawl@yahoo.com

The results will be posted on the website and on the column over the next couple of weeks.

Special thanks to everyone about being patient with the wedding taking up most to all of my time, thank you for your patience. The Belle is back and is ready for anything!

Until next time, stay safe.

Copyright 2005 Lekisha Oliver. All property is owned and operated by Lekisha Oliver. For more information, email her at lekisha@hotmail.com