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President Ventura
Lekisha F. Oliver

Have you ever considered a wrestler in the White House?

Evidentially Jesse The Body Ventura has. 

If you were under a rock during Wrestle Mania, you might not have heard the suggestion that the former governor of Minnesota said.

Why not in 2008 have a wrestler in the White House?

Want to talk about stirring up the pot, a wrestler in the White House?  Well, why not, people said it was preposterous to have a wrestler as a governor, and he proved the naysayers wrong. 

While reading through several of my emails the other day, one of my wonderful correspondents sent me an email from AOL News. Well, the only though that crossed my mind was another soldier killed from my home state of Tennessee; however, this was not the case.  An article published by the Associated Press saying that the former governor of Minnesota, and recent Harvard professor, wouldnt mind checking into an Independent nomination for the 2008 Presidential election.  With history having quite a few Democrats and Republicans gracing the Oval Office, why not have one that has graced the Squared Circle?

Some people are saying that this is another ploy by Ventura to keep his name in the newspapers.  Well this might be true, but give this election a shot.

From listening to Neal Bortz on the way home from work every night, I have been listening to how John Kerry did this and President Bush is proposing that.  Right now, not many people in the United States have figured out who wants what and who is doing what for the country. 

However, one untapped source is the wrestling base of fans.  With the roaring success of SmackDown your Vote!, WWE has realized that Americas youth, as well as the rest of the world, has started to take a keen look into the ideas that run their nations.  What will our country look like when our children are our age?  Will we be walking on the moon, or even living on the moon?  Will the nation continue to fight over oil when cars are being researched that run on hydrogen or even on water?  Will Ventura run or will we have another fight over dangling chads?  (Sorry, Florida, had to.)

Just the thought that the common people could actually have a say so in where their country goes could come directly from Ventura.

While doing some looking around, especially on the issues that are plaguing the nation at the moment, Ventura has listed his opinion on a few of them.  And knowing The Body he doesnt pull too many shots.  One bullet that has the world in an uproar is the topic of gay marriages.  In an article published in the Boston area, Ventura is for gay marriages.  To paraphrase, since we cant use the APs official work online without a permit, he thinks that if a person is willing to commit to another person, go right ahead.  That is a very liberal view on the issue.  Many people do not see eye to eye with the former Navy Seal, but not many are tall enough and can look him square in the eye.  If you want to read the whole story, heres the URL: http://www.infoshop.org/inews/stories.php?story=04/03/23/2870098

I dont want to sit and preach about something that every politician in Washington is blasting on about.  If you really want to figure out what to do in the election in 2008, well first off, go register to vote, get through the 2004 election, and then well get to the 2008 election.  Especially if Ric Flair is his "running mate", thanks Alan for that idea.

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Thanks again for all the support.

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